Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and financial expert. After graduating from Bowdoin College with a degree in economics and political science, he founded his first company that he named Reifler Trading Company. He successfully ran this company for several years and eventually sold it to Refco.

Some of the financial industry companies he has been involved with during his career are Genesis Securities, where he was a Director, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank. He was also a Founding Director of Wins Finance Holdings and a Director at Sino Mercury Company.

Bloomberg reported that in 1995 Brad Reifler founded the highly successful investment advisory firm Pali Capital where he served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until 2008. With his leadership, Pali Capital was able to achieve annual revenues that regularly increased by $200 million a year and expanded outside of the United States into Austria, the United Kingdom, Latin America, and Singapore.

In January 2014, Brad Reifler founded Forefront Income Trust and serves as the CEO. This company specializes in alternative investments, such as hedge funds and venture funds, that typically can only be invested in by the richest 1%.

The funds he offers are not correlated to equity or bond markets so they offer his clients diversity. Additionally, the funds that he provides make no money until the investor has made 8%.

Riefler has said that he created Forefront Income Trust in order to help the 99%. According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler used to focus just on accredited investors, those who make more than $200,000 a year and/or have $1 million in assets not including their homes.

Originally the rules that only accredited investors were able to invest in certain assets was to protect people that could ill afford a major investment loss. Those rules are now outdated and Brad Riefler can help anyone have access to these assets.

In 2016, Brad Reifler announced that Forefront had partnered with Easter Seals Dixon Center. As a nonprofit, Easter Seals Dixon Center supports veterans and their families by providing services such as job training, education, health, and advocacy. Through Forefront, Mr. Riefler donated $3 million to their cause.

The current Chief Executive Office of Nabors Industries Ltd, Anthony (Tony) Petrello joined Harvard School of Law where he pursued a Juris Doctor Degree. He also went through Yale University where he acquired an M.S. Degrees in Mathematics.

Lloyd Grove, the editor at large for The Daily Beast went to college with Petrello. In Grove’s 30/5/2014 article titled “The Prince and The Pauper; My College Roommate became an Oligarch,” he says that he the highest paid CEO in the US, Anthony Petrello, as an eighteen-year-old mathematics whiz.

Lloyd had been disturbed inwardly with unworthy emotions such as depression, hopelessness, and envy ever since the Petrello topped the highest paid list. Petrello and Grove were roommates in their freshman year.

Grove browsed the website of Nabors Industries, the world’s leading land-based oil and gas drilling contractor, and discovered that his freshman-year roommate, Petrello, was its CEO and Chairman. He describes Petrello as the skinny public-schooled kid on scholarship from working-class Newark. Petrello had a thick Jersey accent, was a loud mouth, and had an eager demeanor that stood out. From the article, it is clear that Petrello was charming in college.

One quality of Petrolle that Grove clearly states is that of a mathematics genius, and at 18 years of age, Petrello had become a protégé of the world renowned mathematician, Prof. Serge Lang. It was a disappointment when Tony opted for Harvard School rather than maximizing his mathematical brilliance.

It is clear that Petrello thrived in the corporate practice for Baker &McKenzie law firm, Manhattan, in the 1980’s. In 1991, Petrolle got a job offer from Nabors Industries, Houston, one of Baker and McKenzie’s important clients. He joined Nabors as the president and chief operating offer. The rest of Grove’s article is about Petrello’s marriage to Cynthia Petrello and the birth of the daughter Carena, who developed cerebral palsy and led to her parents being one of the leading medical philanthropists in supporting children with neurological disorders like their daughter.

Kevin Sewaright is the founder of a Baltimore based company, RPS Solutions LLC. It is a firm that manages the development, acquisition, asset management, sale of assets, and governmental contracting in financially strained neighborhoods.

The company was formed in 2015. It started by constructing and renovating homes. The aim was to provide cheap housing in Baltimore and nearby regions particularly for first time home-buyer residents.

Seawright pointed out that facilitating Baltimore’s resident to own homes has been his long time passion. He believes that it is an important aspect and component of stabilizing declining neighborhoods.

The pride of owning a home is also critical in wealth development. Seawright’s firm plans to renovate houses. That is expressly for those buying houses for the first time. RPS Solutions LLC will achieve that by collaborating with Housing & Community Development. It will also partner with Baltimore City Officials.

The most recent success story of the initiative involves Jerel Brown. He is a son of Seawright’s former co-worker and long time friend. Seawright worked alongside his mother when he was 10 years. Currently, Jerel is an employee of the Baltimore City Housing Department. Though today he is a grown up and working, Jerel cannot get a house because his budget keeps him out of the housing market.

Jerel noted that finding upgraded properties going for a budget he could afford was tough. According to Crunchbase, when Kevin Seawright intimated that he buys a renovated house, Brown did not hesitate. He stated that he was elated with the opportunity to own his first house. As for Kevin Seawright, he was honored to play a part in enabling a young person to own a home. He stated that it was rewarding to help Brown, who he has mentored and known since he was 10.

About Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial operations leader. He is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC. In his career, Kevin has worked in Baltimore and Washington, DC. That is in the areas of local government and real estate development.

He has also served in the education field. He is experienced in private sector and governmental operations. Kevin Seawright has previously held senior management positions at Tito General Contractors, Maryland, as well as the Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Lori Senecal, a powerful woman who is the global CEO of CP+B is the perfect epitome of women power and success. She has not only been able to scale this ladder in her latest conquest but has also had success in all her former positions at other companies.

As someone who is described as an introvert, you cannot help but wonder how the heck she does it? How did she get here? Well, for one, she is made of tough material and has on occasion been described as steely and unaffected by delicate matters such as the firing of an employee.

The Savior of Wobbling Planes

According to the New York Times, she has had a reputation of coming into new companies and overhauling them into a reformed state that changes the way we see them. They are usually in transition, and she helps keep them afloat in their new environment.

She creates evolution paths and globalization strategies that make them flourish in an instant. This is the trademark of the woman who loves wearing black and the occasional navy blue, a personal trait that has accentuated her steely countenance and mannerisms.

Her Management Style

When it comes to this particular topic, she can be blunt and focused on what she wants that it appears as if she is insensitive but given the fact that she has gotten the job done is a testament to the success that he methods usually bring.

We would expect such a woman to be celebrated, but that is not the case. She is different and does not fit into the categories of female CEO who are a cliché in society. She challenges the system and norms.

This has caused her to be cast in the light of a ruthless leader who gets the job done abut at the expense of a few people who criticize and try diminishing her work. She has admitted that a less steely approach could be good, but she is too authentic and straightforward to fit that mold.

The 3% Conference

The 3% conference is the conference that champions for female talent and leadership. Obviously, she would be featured here. She has been lauded as one of the women in the 3% of the world’s women leaders. She is the role model that young girls look up to.


Despite the remarks about the way she runs her ship, she is a woman who always gets the job done, and that alone is enough to crush the critics. Suffice to say that ‘there is an aspect about a woman who is a leader and behaves in a certain way that is okay for a man but not a woman.


Sam Tabar is a well-known lawyer and a capitalist based in New York, America. He attended Oxford University where he graduated with an MA and also a BA all in the law field. After his graduation, Sam got jobs in various law firms serving at senior positions. The experience he has acquired has been very vital for his legal practice. He has had the opportunity to work with law companies such as Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in the position of a senior associate, and he delivered excellent services. While still working for Schulte Roth & Zabel, he held a position at Merril Lynch where he led the Asia Pacific Capital Introduction.

The year 2004 was very crucial for Sam Tabar career growth as he got a chance to work for PMA, a company that had been in existence for an extended period. At PMA, he was the hedge funds manager an experience that made him better since he could handle diverse roles related to his job. He also interacted with the clients that the company was serving directly, and he created paramount business networks. Sam was very dedicated to his job, and this impressed the company owners. In a short time, he was promoted to the position of the Managing Director and the Co-Head in charge of business development for the firm. He was very committed to seeing the company increase its profitability and for the six years that he held a senior position, the company recorded a high growth rate.

Sam business leadership grew tremendously, and he became among the most sought-after business leaders in the US. FullCycle Energy Fund hired him to be the company Chief Operating Officer responsible for the sound fund management strategy. He has a lot of expertise in developing budget strategies for financial institutions. Sam has been able to learn how to speak Japanese and French. He is also very fluent in English, and this is imperative for a business leader since he can sell the company ideals to people all over the world. He has launched his business called THINX a start that focuses on supporting women in African and Asian countries.

Flavio Maluf, the Vice Chairman and CEO of Eucatex S.A, observes that the construction industry in Brazil will see more opportunities for growth in the coming year. Eucatex specializes in the manufacture of wood products, hardboard, and any other products useful in the construction industry. Some typical products from the firm include filters, hardwood boards, ceiling tiles, stains, panels and other eucalyptus products.

Maluf’s optimism is not without cause. The Brazilian Association of Building Materials Industry (ABRAMAT) conducted a survey which revealed that entrepreneurs in Brazil were looking forward to better days. To begin with, business people were gaining confidence that the increase in the short-term sales index would hold. Moreover, 18.5% of the respondents pinned their sales expectations on “good” and “very good.”

The survey also indicated that optimism levels among Brazilians hit 30% in 2016 up from a paltry 4% experienced in the previous year. One of the sectors expected to introduce an upward trend in the Brazilian economy is the construction industry. Maluf, a key player in this industry, will play a pivotal role in driving the economy forward.

While a few investors are still wary of the current situation, Maluf is brimming with confidence that greater days are yet to come. He is hopeful that his company will realize more profits in the coming year. He plans to pass on such benefit to the Brazilian citizenry through the creation of more job opportunities. In general, the economy is going to grow in leaps and bounds.

Flavio Maluf further reports that other sectors of the economy are going to improve in 2017. He cites farming, which is gradually gaining market share due to the government’s effort in pumping incentives into the industry. Other industries that underline the Brazilian economy are also set for the better time next year.

Maluf is the president of one of the biggest construction companies in Brazil, and as such, he stands to gain big as the economy picks up in the coming year. He hopes that Brazilians will also reap the benefits as they are likely to land more lucrative jobs.

More and more finance industry leaders are setting up shop in Texas. Cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin seem to be luring professionals with hopes of founding their own companies. Jeffry Schneider is among those professionals. Currently, he’s leading Ascendant Capital, LLC.

The Austin-based boutique enterprise operates in a diverse range of fields. His company specializes in raising funds for established and alternative asset fund sponsors. Ascendant’s expertise deals in marketing, education, sales and operational services, and financial structuring. Within his decades of work history, Jeffry Schneider amassed a huge network of family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and experienced investment advisors.

With the help of his vast network of associates, Schneider has taken his company global. Ascendant distributes its services to public and private clients all over the world. Since its founding five years ago, Ascendant has become one of the fastest growing companies in Austin.

When Schneider founded the company, he only had two employees. Now, he has more than thirty highly trained professionals working at Ascendant. In their five year run, Schneider and his team have raised $1 billion for several different managers. That is an accomplishment that Schneider does not take sole credit for achieving.

With the help of over fifty broker-dealers, 250 investment advisors, and dozens of family offices, Schneider has put his company at the top of the industry. Any opportunity to increase returns, Ascendant will take advantage of the moment. The company has purchased real estate, auto dealerships, tech companies, and many other kinds of companies in the hope of seeing greater returns.

Despite having grown so much in such a short time, Schneider has no plans of slowing down. He continues to push his team to make more deals and grow even larger. He wants his company to outgrow and dominate as much as possible from now till it can’t grow any bigger. Ascendant is expected to raise nearly $50 million a month this year.

With the way the markets sit today, Schneider realized that alternative investments are the best way to diversify his clients’ portfolios without increasing risks. Because of his bold strategy to investment in alternative avenues, his company and its clients and have seen immense success. He expects those investments to continue to grow and accelerate based on its past performance.

The company culture that Schneider has created around Ascendant Capital is largely responsible for the company’s success. The company environment relies heavily on there being an open dialogue and sense of trust between all team members. The same level of transparency Schneider encourages among team members is the same level of transparency he’s created with the public.

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Born in 1960 and raised in Cleveland, Marc Sparks started his career in the Canton Symphony Orchestra in Ohio. He is known as the entrepreneur of other entrepreneurs because he has been involved in many startup companies which have been nothing but successful through his thirty-four years of experience.

He takes an idea, establishes a business model, and builds a culture that has both short-term and long-term goals. As a serial entrepreneur, he owns a private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP, that helps other entrepreneurs develop their businesses to generate revenue.

He is also its CEO. Timber Creek Capital, LP offices were moved to a conducive and collaborative work environment that can allow it to offer incubation period to three different companies at a go.

The firm’s experienced staff provides the necessary expertise, office space and equipment, capital, marketing, banking, and networking to raise businesses from inception to fruition. Through his successful startup companies, Marc believes that to increase output and collaboration; there must be a particular flow in the office.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Marc is also a Philanthropist. He initiated Spark Tank, a project that targeted non-profit organizations. He offers $5,000 to an organization that has the best presentation explaining what it would do with the amount offered. In the beginning, the project attracted fourteen applicants, and it’s still on and open to non-profit organizations’ candidates.

Other charitable works Marc is involved in include The Samaritan Inn, a shelter in Texas that accommodates around 160 homeless people. And also donates computers to children in poverty and has constructed several homes with other personalities in support of Habitat for Humanity.

Marc has always been a believer. He believes that to realize and understand the responsibilities that come with success, God puts us in devastating situations and challenges our efforts. Success does not come easy people have to get out of their comfort zones and achieve it. Through his writing skills, Marc Sparks has narrated his journey in a book; They Can’t Eat You.

In his book, he shares with his readers his experiences with successful and unsuccessful ventures and hopes that it motivates those entrepreneurs that have lost faith in their dreams. His failed ventures have taught him to overcome fear and understand that you cannot win all the time.

When he is not building businesses from scratch, Marc likes working out, traveling, hiking, fishing, biking, and hunting.


Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately owned company and one of the leading document-processing & research companies in USA. The organization offers services towards the mortgage industry in matters concerning financial institutions, mortgage, and serves other individuals looking forward to buy properties. Besides, it serves more than 10 mortgage companies in US. After responding to action calls regarding the title defects while making the property reports easily available within online ordering, the company has expanded to offer services with ingenuity towards the local community and their industries.


Nationwide Title Clearing has reacted to the various suggestions to take action to give improved administrations to their customers. Consequently, it has established an online ordering platform for those who need to get to the promptly accessible property titles. As per the organization, title defects have become a noteworthy issue among property proprietors and purchasers. Thus, some have the feeling that they add to the stagnation of business and wrongful dispossessions as businesses ought to be consistent. Along these lines, exchanges must be supported by the accessibility of titles. As per the organization, these records are the way to better business in the sector. Along these lines, the organization has made the intense move to guarantee that they pass on these titles to lessen the dangers related with buyback.


Nationwide Title Clearing is a main think-tank which gives solutions and services to the mortage and financial industries. The organization has found a way to guarantee that securing and preparing titles are consistent to improve efficiency. Consequently, they have propelled an upgraded database on their site to make these properties accessible on the web. Issues of title deeds have turned into a noteworthy reason for worry in real estate industry over the last few years. According to the company officials, property records hold the way to guaranteeing an unmistakable title transport and lessening the danger of buyback or powerlessness to dispossess.


Across the nation Title Clearing likewise have the ability to hold title clearing to help lessen the danger of purchase backs because of clear title movement and the failure of dispossession. In actuality, the organization has made the entire procedure of securing properties much less difficult. For the organization, they have propelled an overhauled site to make these reports available through their online stage. While there are many reasons for title issuing difficulties, a large portion of these challenges happen when an individual or entity puts claim for a property which they don’t own although there are different reasons for title surrenders.


If you want to invest, think Jim Hunt. He is known for his ambitious effort in financial investment and currently the CEO of the company. All along he is the well-mannered man that makes him set a high standard of professionalism. His firm decision makes him capable executes them to achieve his oriented goal. He reckoned for his ability to invest both the small and large market gaps on Crunchbase. Indeed he is a helpful investor because he shares most of is helpful ideas via social media to encourage free investment to small-scale investors around the globe.

Jim Hunt did spend most of his time with family. He believed it’s only in the family that he can achieve his goals and success. He was type of a man who ensured a balanced diet. Customer service is what the ideology of financial investment which built his new career on He discovered it’s not in banks that commercial success can be achieved. That was his greatest idea to change the financial destiny of other investors. As a banker he learned from customer relation, it is only when you want stuff you must work for it. This led him to become a famous entrepreneur around the globe.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications Limited company is known for global trade for distance learners. Mostly are non-fictions EBooks published for long distance courses. It was a well-established company in 2012; it’s a program organizer giving information to thousands of people who enjoy product and services. These are some of their great works; “Make Mum a Millionaire in just ten trades,” “Wealth Wave-money is not destroyed but has to be transferred to someone or somewhere else.” VTA Publications Ltd it’s committed to giving information both physically and online. It’s specialized in two major fields that are financial and economics. Seminars and programs organizing are the majors its functions to ensure the system is fully experienced and sufficient flow of information to their end customer.