More and more finance industry leaders are setting up shop in Texas. Cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin seem to be luring professionals with hopes of founding their own companies. Jeffry Schneider is among those professionals. Currently, he’s leading Ascendant Capital, LLC. The Austin-based boutique enterprise operates in a diverse range of fields. His companyRead On

If you want to invest, think Jim Hunt. He is known for his ambitious effort in financial investment and currently the CEO of the company. All along he is the well-mannered man that makes him set a high standard of professionalism. His firm decision makes him capable executes them to achieve his oriented goal. HeRead On

In a recent online article released last month, it was announced that Jim Hunt, VTA Publications advisor, started a new strategy for people to make money when the stock market is falling. He calls his new discovery “Wealth Wave”. Hunt compares right trades in the stock market to a surfer catching waves on the ocean.Read On