Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian businessman who had developed the famous Manaira Shopping Mall and the Mangabeira Shopping mall located right next to the beautiful coastlines of Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil. Roberto Santiago was born on July 16, 1958 in Joao Pessoa, where he spent most of his childhood. After he attended the Pio X-Marist College, Santiago went on to graduate from the University Center of Joao Pessoa and earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Shortly after graduating, Roberto Santiago would soon dream up of developing a lively center for his hometown to build up the economy and create the perfect entertainment for everyone in his community. As he became more invested in real estate and felt positive that his dream would become a success, he purchased a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa. The start of the construction for his first project, the Manaira Shopping mall took place in 1987.


After nearly two years had passed, the construction of the Manaira Shopping mall was finally completed and ready for business on November 11, 1989. The Manaira quickly became one of Brazil’s largest shopping centers in Paraiba. The base of the entire mall’s building area currently measures 135,000 square meters and it houses 11 full state-of-the-art movie theaters including two that are capable of interactive 3D features. The Manaira Shopping’s parking lot has a space that can fit a total of 3,180 vehicles. Inside the gorgeously built shopping center are many amenities that include: game stations, an electric bowling alley with bar, children’s park, a full gym and the College of Higher Education of Paraiba.


One of Manaira’s most popular is their large gourmet food court that houses the local’s favorite, the Capital Steak House. The Manaira food court offers everything from around the world, patrons can get purchase Canadian salmon, Chinese cuisine, exotic dishes from Uruguay, Italian coffee, pastries and many other gourmet dishes. The Domus Hall is located on the roof of the Manaira Shopping center and it is a fully air-conditioned concert hall that has the capacity to hold up to 8,000 people. The concert hall is occasionally a venue for other events such as art exhibitions, fairs, theatrical performances and receptions. Roberto Santiago is always open for expansion at his shopping centers. He focuses on what is trending in Brazil and its surrounding areas, so that he can keep his shopping centers up-to-date and always ahead of the game.