This is an article about Samuel Strauch, a real estate agent in the great city of Miami, Florida. This name has heard all over the Internet. He is the principal at Metrik Real Estate. He started a company called Metrik Holdings.

When asked about his vision of this company, he said that it actually happened because it was at a convergence point of different paths. He once said, “We believe that in order to be successful you have to always think win-win!” His company can be found on two social media sites, LinkedIn and Facebook as well as its own website. Samuel Strauch went to three different colleges: Harvard University with a BA in Executive Education in Real Estate & Capital Markets, Erasmus University Rotterdam with a BA in International Finance/Marketing, and Hofstra University with a BA in International Business (1991-1994).

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Samuel Strauch was also in many recent news in all of the world. Outside his work, he has a hobby of being a photographer. His habit is meditation. Samuel Strauch creates a positive work environment for his employees by having them examine the current trends to keep up with the changing world and run a very successful company.