A few weeks ago, Ted Bauman did an article on how investors can take advantage of the recent tax cuts and make money in the forex markets. The article begins with an account of his experience in South Africa where he lived for a number of years helping people have access to decent affordable housing. Considering the magnitude of the United States economy the dollar is quite strong when compared to the South African Rand. Realizing this, Mr. Bauman moved in with speed and bought an asset which has and continues to pay off handsomely. Read more on stockwits.com about Ted Bauman.

This is the model that Ted is advising his readers to adopt as the recent tax cuts by the House of Representatives provided a real opportunity for the same. In order to understand the real opportunity here, he explained that a strong dollar if of benefit to the US consumers when they travel abroad to countries whose currency is weaker when compared to the United States dollar, and this is the reason they find almost everything and anything to be relatively cheaper and affordable.

However, the situation is not rosy for the manufacturers based in the United States since strong dollar means that their products seem quite expensive and sometimes out of reach for consumers from countries whose currency is weaker when compared to the United States dollar.

On the flipside, products made in countries with a weaker currency when compared to the United States dollar find it easier to penetrate the American market since they are relatively cheaper in the eyes of the consumers.

Business analysts have already predicted that the recent tax cuts will lead to a $1.5 trillion federal deficit which will, in turn, weaken the United States dollar. This there means that it is the right time to buy foreign assets like Ted priced in currencies that are weaker than the United States dollar. When the United States Dollar starts losing as it already has, the value of the foreign asset will be increasing since the price of the asset in foreign currency will be higher when compared to the prevailing United States dollar amount then.

Who is Ted Bauman?

Ted Bauman is a seasoned financial guru specializing in low-risk investment, asset protection and emerging privacy matters. His aim is to help everyday people become wealthy and lead a truly dignified life. He is the editor of the Bauman Letter and an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing.

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