The field of engineering happens to be among the most aggressive platforms whereby people have invested a lot of their skills in. It is a very dynamic field and engineering mixed with technology provides great skills and returns. It is a field that has been dominated by a lot of experts all of whom have great expertise in technology. It is always recommendable for engineers to embrace technology so that they can make it in life. Many companies that aspire to achieve must be able to work on improved customer care. They must focus their attention on the best skills and technology.

National Steel car happens to be one of those engineering companies that are always committed to success. It is the leading car manufacturing company in the steel car industry in the whole of North America. The company has been able to remain so competitive in their field and have also been able to achieve greatness for success. They have been able to maintain their high level of competition because of their commitment, innovation, technology, good customer relationships and also the passion. The company has been in the field of manufacturing rail freight cars for a period of more than 100 years and they have been able to achieve a lot in business. Maintenance of their high standards has been a core value. See More Information Here.


National steel car has been able to achieve that much because of the committed leadership of the famous chairman and CEO, Gregory J Aziz. He has been able to witness the company grow in all the levels of achievements and he has always been there for its achievements. Greg Aziz has been with the company since the year 1994 when the company was bought from the one famous Dofasco. Gregory James the brain behind the company’s great achievements. Greg Aziz always dedicated his time and skills to the achievement of the company. He is also known to possess qualities of a very humble leader and mainly focuses on very important things which are usually for the success of the company.


Greg Aziz before joining the company happened to have worked with the famous Affiliated Foods. The company was a family business which he used to manage. They used to export foods on wholesale from various food rich countries to other parts. He later quit joining the banking fraternity whereby he was able to organize for the purchase of national steel company.