Hedge Fund Manager From 1969 To 2011

George Soros released over $17 billion to the Open Society Foundations and changed the philanthropic tide in the world. He was able to do these things because of the insights he learned as a financial expert.


Professionals that work as hedge fund managers are in essence day traders.

Day traders often get their official start on Wall Street by setting up a computer at their apartment’s kitchen table. All it takes is access to the live numbers of Wall Street’s trading and then an account with a secure firm. Those traders then rise over the years and succeed after gathering tremendous knowledge.

This knowledge is then sought and used by others hoping to walk in the same footsteps. A financial professional who shows outstanding, ongoing performance will then be lobbied by other professionals to start a fund.

Traders then become hedge fund managers once they accept the responsibilities of other people’s money being traded with theirs, and more information click here.


Living As A Manager By First Managing Your Own

George Soros leveraged his wealth as a hedge fund manager from his career’s onset.


He did so because of his knowledge base and the ongoing success he had that others sought. The basic scenario for George Soros, during this period in his life, was as the “go-to” for others seeking to invest their money but without actually having the knowledge of how, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.


The middle man became George Soros.

What eventually happens in the allocation of money, as investors from all over pool their funds together and to create one large fund, is usually managed by a leading professional. So whatever money you invest, for example, gets rated as a percent of the entire fund and the percent you receive back in profits, and Twitter.


The Legacy That Followed

George Soros couldn’t sustain this position for very long, and the world’s leading hedge fund managers rarely do. The stresses of Wall Street are already tremendous and seemingly endless. Add that stress to the needs and demands of multiple investors, and you have a great mess to deal with.

George Soros didn’t need to remain as a fund manager, and he never closed any of his investment firms when he left their control. The freedom he gave himself actually led to greater returns on his personal investments as his freedom could be more strategic. This is the legacy of an outstanding financial professional.


It All Came From A Young Refugee Boy

The legacy built by George Soros is a reflection of the past he lived as a child. Both the humanitarian and financial identity of George Soros was driven by a passion to become better and more. He followed that passion as far as he could take it and then became a billionaire in the process.