National Steel Car is a company that was founded in 1912. It is an engineering and manufacturing firm in North America. The company is based on the activities if designing, engineering, and manufacturing. National Steel Car was founded so that it could supply railroad freight cars to big railway’s corporations in North America. In the first few years of its business activity, the company was doing very well. It managed to record success that was impressive. The results made the founders very happy. They saw this as a business opportunity that they needed to expand on. They pumped in more money which they used to expend the company.



National Steel Car has been operational for more than a hundred years. It has managed to keep itself very strong in the industry since it is based on a strong foundation of delivering quality products to the clients. The company have been very resilient and have managed to keep competition in the industry at bay for all those years. National steel car is known by its clients as a company that has very good quality products. This is the reason it has been able to maintain its clients for a very long time. National Steel Car has been doing very well. It has fought back economic hardships and technological scares to be the oldest engineering firm in the region. National Steel Car was established under the Nationals Industries Inc.



In recent years, the company has emerged as a global powerhouse in terms of technological advancements. The company has been in offering great services to their clients and it has also boosted its production capacity. The recent changes have taken place during the tenure of the latest CEO Gregory James Aziz. He has been leading the company in coming up with measures that are needed to develop the company into a global leading company.


About Greg Aziz



Greggory Aziz is from Ontario, Canada. He also worked for his family business Affiliated Foods, after graduating from Ridley College and later after joining University of Western Ontario. He bought national steel car in 1994. Under his management, the company has been doing very well. The company has been at the top of things trying to make the engineering industry greater and greater. Gregory James Aziz has brought ion expertise in business management that has seen the operations of the company resuscitate. His contribution to the management of the company has been remarkable. He has led the company in coming up with measures that are intended to make the company the biggest producer of railroad freight cars in the world. Click Here for Related Information.


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