Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario in 1949, April the 30th. He joined Ridley College and obtained his first degree. He proceeded to major in the study of economics at the University of Western Ontario. His family was running a food wholesale business. Greg joined the firm in 1971. Through his input, the business grew into major and leading fresh fruits importer. They imported from Europe, Southern America, and Central America.

While in New York, James Aziz took part in many investments. In 1994, he decided to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco. This company was doing so poorly in business. Aziz had an intention of turning it into a leading railroad freight car developer.


Two years after the purchase, National Steel Car had gained its market recognition. The company had acquired the status of a leader in its line of manufacturing. Gregory J Aziz built a reliable and robust relationship with his customers and employees.

His leadership focused on producing quality parts within the timeline agreed upon with the client. Some of these parts include; Brake pipes, Handholds, fulcrum brackets, body bolsters, wheels and trucks.

National steel Car has over a century of excellence in manufacturing, engineering, and commitment to quality. The company has become a powerhouse in railroad freight and tank car manufacturer.

For this success, the group is diverse, dynamic, values-driven and innovative. Every day, the company wants to compete against itself. Focused and determined leadership heads the company.

Gregory J Aziz has raised the company’s bar of achievement from time to time. This has influenced employees to work harder than the yesterdays. Greg ensures that the company’s purpose and core values form their guidelines.

For this adherence, National Steel Car Company is trusted by its customers. More clients are comfortable to task the company with the role of manufacturing quality railcars. It is important to note that National Steel Car Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The company has been awarded TTX SECO severally for a period stretching beyond a decade.

Greg Aziz and his team believe in honoring their traditions. This gives them the urge to move forward with determination. Quality is part of the company, and excellent results cannot be assumed. Today, National Steel Car is a leader in new car innovation.

Away from manufacturing, the company is keen on giving back to the community. For example, the company champions Theatre Aquarius and United Way.

National Steel Cars also supports Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, and additional charity groups. The company offers financial assistance to present and past employees’ families.

Every Christmastime, the company organizes a party for its employees and their families. Due to favorable leadership style portrayed by Greg Aziz, the company is ahead of its competitors and likely to lead for many more years to come. Click Here for Related Information.