Bob Reina discovered a need for a more user-friendly and convenient method of communication, which prompted him to found Talk Fusion. Over the years, Talk Fusion has blossomed into an international powerhouse company. It is able to fulfill company’s various internal and external communications needs without relying on a multitude of complicated systems. It is an all in one solution that allows users to use video conferencing and email to execute daily business processes. Talk Fusion has developed extensively from its humble beginning and currently offers a multi-faceted solution service that professionals can appreciate.


Bob Reina is not only a driven business professional, but he is also a dedicated philanthropist. He puts a special focus on the ethical treatment and care of animals in his community. Bob Reina started out on a much different path professionally. He was a police officer for ten years before his brainchild Talk Fusion came to be. He was trying to send information via email, but the platform was not capable of handling the size of the file he was trying to send. He knew that there must be a better way that was user-friendly and cost-effective. He enlisted the help of an engineer and together they created the widely used Talk Fusion we know today. Bob Reina is constantly looking for ways to improve his service and wants to provide companies with the most up to date and use technology on the market. With Talk Fusion, there are no more headaches when it comes to video conferencing and sending critical information via email.