He has not been successful in the food industry, and the banking sector but also the car freight business. Greg Aziz is not an engineer instead he has a passion for the engineering sector to be specific the car development and manufacturing industry. Gregory was born in Ontario, London on April 30, 1949. After his graduation from High School, he decided to join Ridley College, and after his graduation, he proceeded to Western Ontario University where he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He began his career working in a family business which is a food processing company; Affiliated Foods. Greg worked with the firm for more than 16 years and the group to be a leader in the food industry delivering their services as well as products of fresh foods to Central and South America, and Europe. Read More On This Page.


Gregory J Aziz has also worked in the banking and the financial sector from late 1980’s to early 1990’s. During his time in the banking industry, he has presented an opportunity of purchasing Dofasco which he later changed the name to National Steel Car. Ever since he took the ownership often car group, National Steel Company has been experiencing spectacular growth. It is under his management that the firm became ISO Certified. Gregory James Aziz is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company which has their Headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. The expansion of the organization is seen in the number of cars they are manufacturing compared to what they used to do before he purchased. Greg has increased the number of employees in the factory from 600 to 3000, and the able team is now capable of manufacturing 120000 vehicles a year unlike before when they produced only 3500 per year.


The car firm has been in existence since 1912, and the new management has taken the organization to a whole new level. Greg has a positive leadership character, and together with his team, they have been putting customer value in the forefront of their business. Through his leadership, National Steel has been recognized on several occasions by them TTX Awards which the company received on several times. Greg is not only a car lover, food processor, and even a banker; he is also involved in the community activities as a philanthropist. Together with his wife Irene, the couple has been supporting various non-profit organizations among them; Salvation Army, United Way, Theater Aquarius and Hamilton Opera among others.


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