Gregory Aziz is the CEO and President of National Steel Car which is one of the top best railroad freight, car manufacturing companies in the world. He is also the chairman of National Industries Inc. Born on April 30, 1949; James Aziz has been able to do a lot in his life which includes buying National Steel Car in 10994 from Dofasco.

Since then, he has been able to steer the car manufacturing company towards international success.



National Steel Car


When Gregory J Aziz took over the leadership of this company in 1994, his primary goal was to transform it into the best railroad freight car engineer in the entire North America. Mr. Aziz was able to organize and lead a strong team of professionals, and together, they were able to expand the company after years of hard work.


Under the leadership and guidance of Greg Aziz, the organization has done well.



North America’s top Best Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing Company


The company has had the rare honor of being the only railroad freight car manufacturing company in North America. In the world, it is ranked among the best of its kind. The organization has been honored many times by receiving the TTX SECO highest-quality award for the past 21 years.



Involvement in Charity Activities



James Aziz has also encouraged the car engineering company to participate in local charities in the Hamilton community. These activities include sponsoring the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius as well as the Salvation Army. They also hold a Christmas party every year to allow the employees and their families to interact and share during the festive season.


Aziz also sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the leading agricultural fair in Canada, together with his wife, Irene.


Creation of Employment Opportunities


When Gregory James Aziz bought the company, he was able to increase the number of employees from only 600 to approximately 3000 workers. As it grows and expands, he continues to provide more job opportunities for the people of Hamilton. Go Here To Learn More.


Creation of employment opportunities allows a society to develop and fully utilize their resources.


Gregory Aziz’s dedication and desire to achieve excellence has been one of the main reasons why National Steel Car has tremendously grown. For years, he has been able to exhibit his outstanding leadership ability that has led the company to become one of the leading railroad freight car, manufacturing and engineering companies that the world has seen.

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