The Oxford Club is a well-known advisory network that is made up of entrepreneurs and investors and which is international in scope. It is a very large group which has as its main interest the topics of current and the latest investment and business concepts.

The Club has a newsletter called Investment U which is the educational publication of the organization. The Oxford Club was established in 1999 and was one of the first online investment and financial group teaching strategic money principles. The organization also publishes a free e-letter that is provided to members along with various conferences, courses and videos.

The basic and ultimate question that the network addresses are, “How does one attain true financial freedom, and how is that financial freedom kept?” The information that is provided is passed on by former Wall Street portfolio managers and many best-selling authors of financial publications.

The philosophy of the Oxford Club is that most of the best investments are those that are found outside of the usual streams of information that gets top billing in the news. The objective is to discover investments that have the most profit potential with the least amount of risk, and that is what is shared with the members.

Throughout the year, the Oxford Club publishes various free reports and letters that are designed to keep members and the general public advised as to what is going on in the financial markets. There are also various publications and books available through the online bookstore that concentrate on the subjects of gathering and maintaining wealth.

Encompassed through and with the Oxford Club are some of the best financial minds of the world where the latest and most sought-after financial concepts are shared and made available to members. The Oxford Club continually offers the latest financial strategies for its members.

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