Greg James Aziz is known as the head cheerleader of the National Steel Car. This firm is defined as a leading railroad company for manufacturing in Hamilton, Ontario. He was born in 1949, in the streets of Ontario London attending Ridley College then later on joining The University of Western of Western Ontario to major in economics. The story of Aziz is a definition of strength, charisma and passion in leadership.




Greg Aziz later joined his family’s small business, Affiliated Foods, that majored in the importation of fresh food products from Central and South America with an extensive network of farmers. The company was able to grow steadily into recognition within a decade being able to Europe acquiring distribution rights to the paramount large wholesale market in the United States and Canada. Greg Aziz later branched off to work on career opportunities in New York and was active in the acquisition of National Steel Company in 1994 from Dofasco. He envisioned the transformation of the company to not only becoming Canada’s lead freight car manufacturer but North America’s.




The company grew under his leadership and strong investment ideology to be able to increase the production from 3,500 cars annually to 12,000 by 1999 creating a job increase of more than 2,400 opportunities across North America. The company is now the lead railroad freight car manufacturer and engineer, feet they have maintained for the last 18 years with a dominant presence in the market. The company has been able to bag the SECO honorary award for the highest quality award of service since 1996.The firm is prominent for its sponsorship endeavor that includes; Theatre Aquarius and Salvation Army in addition to others. The company is well structured and positioned to hold charity events for families and the less advantaged in the society. With Greg in charge, the firm has been taking a new direction towards growth.  Find More Information Here.




Greg was born a leader. His focus reflects his values and beliefs in leadership. He holds dear the fact that society is the cornerstone of National Steel Car. He believes that as a leader, he must grow the society through the company. With customers pleased by his services, Gregory J Aziz does not look to boast of the past achievements of the National Steel Car. He is keen on the future growth, as he aims to conquer Europe at large through smart investment and partnership within the industry.