Gregory James Aziz is the person who would be credited for the prosperity of National Steel Car. He is the company’s CEO, Chairperson and also President. He has seen NSC rise to success, since 1994 when he purchased it from Dofasco and has all the same been the reason behind its current successful state. National Steel Car is among the top companies worldwide in railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing.

Born in Ontario, London in April 1949, Gregory J Aziz went to Ridley College and later, through the University of Western Ontario. He majored in Economics and pursued careers in the field soon after graduation.

He joined and worked with Affiliated Foods in 1971, and later moved to New York where he worked with several investment banking opportunities. All this, he did with the aim of gaining experience and amassing wealth so that one day when he would be ready, he would be able to purchase and own a company of his own. His experience in Affiliated Foods and time in New York molded him into the leader he is today.


Greg Aziz saw his dream fulfilled when he bought National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. The company was initially a Canadian railcar company with less annual manufactures and few employees. However, Greg’s influence proved to be tremendous, and in 1996, the company won the Exquisite and well-deserved TTX SECO annual award and has continued to earn it consistently. By 1999, National Steel Car had gone through a paradigm shift, and it was no longer manufacturing 3,500 cars per year, but 12,000. The employment also shot to 3,000 up from 600 which was the initial number at the time of purchase.


The company’s growth did not stop at that. It grew to become North America’s leading freight car manufacturer. It has also stretched its services to other parts of the world. Also, National Steel Car has been prized the ISO 9001:2008 and thus becoming the first and only company in North America to be awarded the ISO Certification. Go Here for additional information.


National Steel Car holds end-year Christmas parties every year, and both the current and former employees are usually invited. Also, their families and friends are invited, and together, they celebrate and grace the good that National Steel Car has brought to the Hamilton community. James Aziz and his wife, Irene, sponsor various Canadian activities, and charities. Among them is the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, one of the prominent agricultural fairs in Canada.