The Brown Agency is very unique and has great strengths and abilities. The Brown Agency is the one and only full service agency in Austin, and of the very few that are in Texas. It is a very respected agency in Texas and has built a very successful talent agency. It is a combination of two companies and lets clients have a more wider variety of talent. The combination of Heyman Talent-South backs up the proposition of setting up a full service agency and being able to grow and be committed to serving clients and talent. The Brown agency finds delight in picking the very best and preparing them on a market level and being able to establish a professional, beautiful and dependable team. This able to be done a huge scale as well. The Brown Agency is guiding along growth of a division and the expertise is exceptional and makes everything a great opportunity and privilege to be apart of. The Agency is the leading commercial talent in Texas and modeling agency that provides clients with lots of options and exposure to biggest brands on earth. The Brown Agency was officially launched on September in 2015. The Brown Agency quickly began to be a great industry leader on the market. The Brown Agency had a goal of establishing big market standards that Austin had not seen just yet. The company takes pride in choosing the best and prepping their talent and helping them to deliver a professional talent. The president, Justin Brown was able work through college and he did this by modeling and working at an agency for modeling. He focused on fir modeling and a brand named Lucky Brand focused on designing clothes that fit his body type. He did a lot of modeling with skinny jeans. He was able to make a lot more money modeling than he did washing carts. Brown studied business management while he was in college but he was a lot more interested in what was going on behind the scenes, or behind the cameras. While in development and placement division he was able to train models to operate like professionals. He helped them to graduate as well. While preparing Brown says he mad sure everyone looked right and that they got the correct photos and introduced them to biggest agencies on earth. He says that they placed about twenty to thirty percent of talent, and that was very high for the industry that he was in. Brown started his own business as soon a possible. The Brown Agency does the very best to select leading talent in modeling and strives to provide them a very comfortable experience. The Brown Agency strives and succeeds at being very professional and precise when selecting talent that is dependable as well.