Eric Lefkofsky and his electronic medical data company Tempus are changing the way that cancer is treated, but also organized in medicine today. Tempus is on the leading edge of record keeping and data organization for people undergoing cancer treatment. It is by using data enabled precision medicine that data about patients is being used in more effective and efficient ways. This is what Tempus is focused on as a computer software corporation.

Until recently, the large amounts of data that are gathered and stored about cancer patients has been only somewhat useful. There has never been a truly effective way of making this big data more streamlined, so that inherent information would be made use to the best advantage. Tempus as a firm, set this problem as something to be solved, in particular with cancer treatment. Their goal led to the development of a platform that uses analytics to process and analyze clinical patient data. Both molecular data and clinical records are collected and made affordably accessible for all medical personnel and learn more about Eric.

The data that often was most critical was not even in a text format. Tempus made their software with natural recognition capabilities, so that notes and other non-linear data could be collected and stored within a patient database of information. This leads to more effective and comprehensive treatment planning, which is critical when it comes to most forms of cancer. With the numbers of cancer patients in treatment rising each year, software like data enabled precision options can make a dent in the financial and organizational needs of the greater medical care community and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky is an important figure that is changing the medical landscape, when it comes to big data collection and utilizing software analytics to save time, money, and needed resources. This makes his work ground breaking, although not reinventing the digital wheel itself. In fact, his vision is a simpler way of processing large data and making it ultimately more accessible, and therefore more useful to everyone. Tempus is a company to watch in the coming years, as is Eric Lefkofsky. They are making a difference in ways that will have long term positive influence and more information click here.

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