A few days ago in a meeting, an employee inquired from Louis Chênevert how he envisioned his legacy at UTC. However, even as it is a hard question, Chênevert termed great CEOs as those who comprehend their stewardship responsibilities within their organizations in addition to their primary goal which is to leave those firms better than when they joined them. At United Technologies, Chênevert believes that is an indication of making a guarantee to putting resources into people and innovation.

While CEOs can’t disregard the prerequisite to perform temporarily, they should dependably do as such with an eye toward the long haul. UTC consistently puts resources into innovation and its people – as perceiving the choices made today influences the future achievement. Maybe there’s no preferable case over the Pratt and Whitney Geared Turbofan engine which was displayed on Capitol Hill a week ago. The GTF engine was a venture of over 20 years and $10 billion to outline and build up a jet engine that will change the business. Decreasing fuel consumption by 16%, outflows by half and noise footprint by 75%, last year GTF went into service and is currently in use by 14 airlines and on 72 aircraft.
Louis R. Chênevert is a business person based in Canada. Prior, he was the chief executive officer and chairman of United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney president. Louis Chênevert was born in Quebec and pursued a degree in bachelor commerce in production management at HEC Montréal, a subsidiary Business School of the University of Montreal. Chênevert served in various positions between 1999 and 2006.
Chênevert stepped down as the United Technologies Corp CEO on December 8, 2014. He additionally filled in as Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee with The Business Council for between 2011 and 2012. On September 8 in 2015, Louis took up the part of an Exclusive Advisor within the Merchant Banking Division with Goldman Sachs, where he will be focusing on circumstances in the aviation and industrial sector and advise other businesses.