Monkey Capital is a decentralized hedge fund which has taken to investing in such unique fields as a hostile public company take overs, Space supply X contracts, and blockchain systems. They are also involved in the speculation of large blocks of Crypto. In July 2017, Monkey Capital made history by becoming the first ICO to sell its options profitably. The options were called COVEALs, and they were traded on the Wave Decentralized Exchange, denoted as DEX. The COVEALs were sold at 15BTC, making a much claim to the ICO throne, currently held by Bittrex and Chrono.

So what has been the driving force behind the consistent and robust growth of Monkey Capital over the years? Well, it’s quite simple actually. They have invested in the creation of a competitive recruitment system which has enabled them to assemble and retain an all-star management team. This team has been instrumental in steering the company to success by ensuring that the right decisions are made, and the implementation process is carried out diligently. Further, they have created a system that enables them to perform high-quality operations and offer clients an opportunity to invest in exciting new projects which have real world benefits. These factors have been instrumental in propelling Money Capital to the success that it has enjoyed over the past several years.

Another source for the success of Monkey Capital is one of the company’s co-founders, Daniel Mark Harrison. Harrison’s exemplary leadership and management skills have seen the company make the right decisions, invest in right places and position itself strategically to benefit from market dynamics time and again. Mr. Harrison is held in high regard in the money markets, having been a considerable vocal advocate of online based trading systems. Daniel Mark Harrison is also an author who has delved into in-depth detail on the millennial culture, business and international events in his 2015 novel The Millennial Reincarnations. With an eye for business opportunities, the perennial entrepreneur also has investments in the media industry, founding two widely read online news platforms.

Daniel Mark Harrison is descendent of The House of Harrison and has followed keenly in his predecessors’ footsteps in establishing a name for himself in the business world. He is based in Singapore.