Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble and Bumble BFF. Even though she’s running a successful business, she’s just like the rest of us! She faces many of the same challenges we face on a daily basis. One of those challenges is making friends.

Whitney Wolfe created the app Bumble BFF because she realized just how hard it was to make new friends. It’s easy to see where she’s coming from. Nowadays, all of us are just so busy. We have jobs, families, hobbies, and other commitments that stop us from being able to go out and make friends. Not to mention, it’s just so awkward to approach someone and ask to be friends! That’s exactly why Whitney Wolfe created this app.

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The app differentiates itself from the regular Bumble app which some people use for online dating and relationships. Bumble BFF is solely about building friendships. This app is perfect for post-college graduates and young professionals which is typically the age group that has the hardest time making friends. Wolfe developed a group of employees who understand this demographic. Together Wolfe and her team are all about figuring out what works to help young women make friends.

Bumble BFF prides itself on being a cool app. It’s got a design that’s enjoyable and easy to navigate, it’s something new, and it’s a way for people to decide which area they want to make friends in. This app is perfect for those relocating or planning on traveling. Bumble BFF reaches so much farther than just one on one friendships. It’s actually a way for people to grow their networks too! Basically, Wolfe took the concept of online dating and modernized it for today’s world. Not everyone wants to find love online. Some just want friendship, acquaintances, and network connections.