When it comes to international finance, it’s always important to have a mentor that can guide you. This prevents legal problems from happening, and it also can help protect from financial loss. That’s when knowing about one such individual that can help.


Glen Wakeman is the CEO of a company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which he co-founded in 2015. He graduated with his bachelor of science in economics and finance. He attended the University of Scranton back in 1981. He continued on to the University of Chicago, where he graduated with his MBA in the field of finance. The field was changing at the time. It was a very different time in the financial world. He was right there in the middle of it, taking it all in. That information can be valuable when learning how to properly invest and protect assets.


Glen Wakeman served also at GE and was both the CEO and President of Doral Financial which gave him some leverage in his field . That experience, coupled with his sharp eye for the world of global affairs, has allowed him to garner approximately $15 million in assets for the companies that he partnered with over the years (BusinessWire). Those abilities have also made him that popular person that everyone needs to know. He is more than a coach. He is a financial advisor. This can be the difference between making some money and making enough money to retire on for life.


His abilities don’t just stop as a financial investor either. He also blogs about the field, offering advice on emerging markets within the financial world. He even ventures into angel investing and other important subjects around investing. This field isn’t for the weak at heart. It takes that savvy ability to know what to invest, where to invest and how to handle the taxes for it all.

Check out more of Glen Wakeman at http://www.glenwakeman.com/