The city of Dubai is a leading metropolitan area within the Middle East. It is located in the nation of the United Arab Emirates or U.A.E. Dubai is considered one of the leading financial hubs within the Middle East. This city lies in the desert but is an architectural fiesta of some of the most amazing buildings on Earth. This city is also home to a real estate mogul named Hussain Sajwani.


Sajwani has been a leading figure in Dubai’s real estate market. He has been involved with this field since he was a child. He used to watch his dad work as a real estate broker. The Hussain Sajwani family were heavily involved in business and their early success helped to lay a strong foundation for Hussain. He would use this knowledge to help his own career once he became an adult.


The real estate market in Dubai is exploding. Properties within this city are appreciating with value. Many of them are sold to wealthy people which in turn helps to fuel the city’s economy. Real estate properties and construction accounts for 22% of the cities wealth. Sajwani is a leading figure in the real estate market. He is the CEO of Damac which is major real estate developing organization within the U.A.E.


The Damac owner sells to high end clients. He produces airports, shopping malls, hotels and luxury communities. Sajwani caters to high end clients because these individuals have the ability to push the economy in a positive direction. All cities need high end real estate markets. Bottom line, they are necessary for growth.


Sajwani enjoys his job. He knows that the properties that he develops and market to clients are important for the future of Dubai. He continues to focus on drawing in wealthy foreigners into the city. His properties are valued well into the billions.


He even used to do business with Donald Trump before he became president. Sajwani set up a deal to open a golf course using Trump’s name. However, this deal was created before Trump became the president. Trump’s sons are now working with Sajwani to complete this deal. Sajwani understands that he has a critical job to do. He is one of the handful of real estate developers that is responsible for helping to make the city of Dubai prosperous and to shine like a gem.


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