Sheldon Lavin has experienced massive success in his career life. His journey started out as a banking executive and an entrepreneur. Over 40 years ago, he launched a business consulting firm. Financial advice was one of his main business services provided until being asked to take part in an ownership position with OSI Group. OSI Group was in need of financial support and requested Sheldon specifically. While Sheldon was primarily interested in his consulting firm, he decided to take the CEO position with OSI.

OSI Group, LLC is a manufacturing company that supplies meat. Top officials at McDonald’s corporation recognized early the value Sheldon could add to their ideas for expanding internationally. Then, Sheldon got more involved with his position at OSI Group. As a full-time partner with McDonald’s, Sheldon took OSI Group to another level. OSI Group helped transform “McDonalds’centric” burger supplier into a worldwide supplier of food products to a variety of foodservice and retail brands.” ( Most American children love McDonald’s. It is one of their first food options, because of the playground, happy meal toy and burgers. Tourist will go to McDonald’s for a quick meal when traveling around the US.

Sheldon has been awarded for business production, community involvement, integrity and more. He earned the Global Visionary Award that recognizes entrepreneurs for their the passion and strength. Those who supersede their business goals. Lavin was honored specifically for guiding “OSI Group to becoming a global multi-billion dollar food processor.” ( He also takes part in the Ronald McDonald House which has saved many families from living out on the streets. According to, Sheldon is also the “president of OSI International Foods Ltd. The Lavins’ family have much to be proud from all of Sheldon’s success in life.


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