Julia Jackson has always been passionate about wines, which explains her love for the business. She is the middle child of proprietors Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. Julia has followed the example of her parents and is driven by love for wine and everything about it. While it may seem surprising since she has been born and grown around wine, hers is a genuine passion for wine and not just because she found herself in it. She has always loved working with the father in the fields, picking and sorting grapes, as this has been exciting for her and a learning process.

Julia spent her summer time after schools working at some of her family’s wineries. She established a strong bond of friendship with one of the workers’ daughters, which led her spending some time in France. She cherished this experience as it brought her closer to vineyards that she loved most. While at France, she not only got a chance to spend at the best vineyards but also learned the native language to the point that she taught it to fourth grades sometime in her college year. Learn more about Julia at Crunchbase.

When she cleared with college, Julia traveled to France specifically to Bordeaux where her family owned a chateau. She purposed to learn French sales and distribution, a skill that she would use to support her family’s business. She immersed herself in the lessons learning about the French markets before harvesting. She was also an active participant during the harvesting period as she participated in every stage of the wine preparation. Julia Jackson was involved from the picking to sampling of grapes and punch downs as well as yeast additions.

This experience in France pushed Julia to take a keen interest in Jackson’s international brand. She has recently taken up the communications department of the Jackson wines to help expand their portfolio. Her skills in PR, sales and marketing are likely to make a major difference in the company’s success.