Madison Street Capital reputation as one of the leading investment banking institutions is built on tailor-made services that meet the unique needs of their large base of clients. Their specialized services are delivered with an edge of integrity, a quality that has driven its excellent record as a leading provider of advisory services when it comes to restructuring, reorganization, financial planning, mergers and acquisitions. One such merger deal it played a key role in its success is the merger between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. Madison Street Capital’s team was led by Jay Rodgers during the merger deal. The team worked in collaboration with the management of the two technology-based companies to come up a merger deal that was acceptable to both parties. Madison Street Capital was brought on board to carry out company and industry as well as valuation of the two merging parties. Their thoughtful insight and expert analysis played important role in the deal, which saw the management of the two companies state their commitment to continue working with Madison Street Capital in the future.


Unwavering Dedication to High Quality Services


Madison Street Capital employees highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to high quality service delivery. This has enabled the company establish the much-needed trust in the financial and investment banking industry. The professionals develop and maintain high level professional networks with industry players, which help them keep track of industry and market trends. This is crucial in identifying niche markets for their clients to invest in. The company has specialized in delivering highly customized advisory services, which they develop through collaboration with their clients. These services include M&A transactions and portfolio valuation. This is in addition to due diligence, company valuation and analysis services it offers, which is crucial during the mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capitals advisory on mergers and acquisitions are topnotch. The company has been feted for its knack for landing some of the largest merger and acquisition deals. It also specializes in capital raising, tax planning and solvency advisory among others. Their services come with litigation support.


 Towards Global Outreach


Since its founding over a decade ago, Madison Street Capital has exponentially expanded its service base and operational reach. While it began operating in the United States, Chicago, Illinois-based company has established a strong presence in Asia and Africa. Additionally, the privately held company has expanded its operations to the larger North American region. The company has also expanded its operations to numerous industries including technology, agriculture and education among others.


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