Science is the collective force that drives humankind towards finding answers to problems and questions that did not have an answer before. Research is Indispensable to developing a better quality of life for everyone. Especially researches that comprise what we name “Life Sciences,” which are the scientific study of living organisms and the interactions between cells, tissues, organisms, and composed of bioengineering, neuroscience, microbiology, and so on.

Why are Life Sciences so important? Because, among the answers that the progress of this sector can lead to, the most important one is: The answer to diseases and health issues. Life Sciences are correlated with medicine. 5 AM Ventures, A company managed by Scott M. Rocklage, understands the importance of these studies for the development of the scientific world.

Many Life Science companies start from the ground only to end up falling where they stood previously. It is a harsh reality that it is so difficult to raise one of these companies, because their primary goal is not to generate profit, but to advance the researches of life science. However, among the complications that come with starting your own business, many companies do not stand through the first months of existence and what Scott knows.

5 AM Ventures is an investment company that allows these companies to develop their studies with the funding of 5 AM Ventures. All of this wouldn’t be possible without Scott M. Rocklage’s management.

He is the management partner of the company since 2003. He was responsible for the approval of three new drug applications in the U.S., assisting medicine in finding new, better ways to improve their treatments and more information click here.

He has a lot of experience with healthcare and medicine, having worked as Chairman and CEO of the company Cubist Pharmaceuticals and President of Nycomed Salutar. His investment in the field of scientific research was a clear goal since he was younger, having studied Chemistry at the University of California. He would later get his Ph.D. in MIT, further improving his knowledge of the industry.

Scott Rocklage is better known for having worked with the researcher Richard R. Schrock, in a laboratory studied that would later be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, in 2005. The man is a businessman and a sympathizer of science that wants to see the Life Science unlock its full potential and resume him.