Anthony Petrello is an extremely successful business man and contributor to Neurological research at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

He went to Yale University and earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics. He then, went to Harvard Law School and earned his J.D. degree. His career path has led him to work with one of the biggest drilling and equipment companies across the nation. His title is currently, the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd., and Tony Petrello is making millions of dollars every year doing what he does.

Nabors Industries has gone through its ups and downs in the drilling industry, but has grown tremendously from the time Eugene Isenberg and Marty Whitman saved it from bankruptcy in 1974. Eventually drilling overseas, buying other successful drilling companies, and drilling equipment companies has helped Nabors become one of the largest providers of oil and gas in the U.S.. The company is worth $17 billion, and they employ over 29,000 people.

Petrello became involved with the Texas Children’s Hospital when his daughter, Carena, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and he and his wife, Cynthia, could not find the information needed to help her fight the condition. He and his wife have contributed $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital, so that more research can be done for the scientific discoveries of pediatric neurological disorders. Petrello’s highly successful career has led him to lead a philanthropic lifestyle as well as business.