Kim Dao is a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber who lives in Japan. She recently posted a video showing what her apartment is like. This is her older apartment as she moved out as she found another apartment in a better location.

One of the main things to know about living in an apartment in Japan, Kim Dao says, is that they’re very small by Western standards. The first look we get at the apartment is when she walks in and shows us the tiny entryway. This is the area where everyone takes off their shoes and stores them. Kim Dao has also used the area to store things that guests to her apartment might need such as a hair blower and towels.

The next area that Kim Dao shows us is the laundry room. There is just enough space for the washing machine plus a small space to store her vacuum machine. Keeping with the other rooms, the bathroom has just enough space for a bathtub and sink. The toilet is in a separate room next door.

Kim Dao’s kitchen has very limited counter space. She stores a lot of her utensils, pots, and pans on hooks on the wall. There is also only one stove and a very small space for food preparation as well as a space to store drying dishes.

The next room that she shows us is her bedroom. Kim Dao says its just big enough for her bed, desk, and a coffee table.

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