When it comes to wealth management, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions offers the right advice concerning savings and money investment. Wealth Solutions was established with the aim of providing top services concerning client growth, protection, and management of assets. Through Wealth Solutions, customers can rest assured of having an active partner as well as an adviser in Richard Blair. He is highly experienced with the right expertise and qualification to offer financial advice. Richard is a certificate holder of CAS, RICP, CFS and CES. Wealth Solutions is geographically located in Austin Texas. It is a firm that offers investment advisory service and operates through Registered Investment Advisory firm also known as RIA.



Wealth Solutions



According to Richard Blair, everybody needs to have a concrete plan that guides them through their financial goals. He, therefore, aims to offer guidance to the people of Austin Texas on financial planning through management services on wealth creation and retirement plans. Under Richard’s leadership, Wealth Solutions employs a comprehensive approach that borders three pillars. The approach allows the company to hasten the discovery of a client’s financial situation and retirement needs. The three components also help Wealth Solutions to develop a holistic plan tailored for each customer.






Here are the pillars Wealth Solutions operates on:



Pillar 1 – This element is tailored and designed to assist the clients with laying out their financial road map. It helps with identifying their strengths, weaknesses, risks tolerance as well as opportunities for growth. When the advisor understands a client’s position, it is easy to assist them in following their roadmap to financial investment.



Pillar 2 – This pillar is employed in assisting clients with developing long-term investment plans. It is customized to fit the specific needs of a client including their investment goals. Richard Blair is in charge of reallocating as well the management of assets to ensure the high level performance of a customer’s portfolio.



Pillar 3 – The third pillar involves a careful analysis of a client’s goals and objectives. After determining a client’s goals and handing them the strategies for achieving the goals, Blair works on their insurance demands. This package includes life insurance in addition to long-term care.



About Richard Blair



Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. He attended the University of Houston and majored in finance. After his college degree, he joined the industry of finance in 1993. Being a visionary man, he applied the knowledge in establishing Wealth Solutions in 1994. His passion for assisting people led him to base the company’s objectives on providing strategies to help people in creating wealth.