Who Is Chris Steven Villanueva?


Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a dentist and entrepreneur. He has founded the dental practice management company known as MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Villaneuva serves as the chief executive officer at MB2 Dental Solutions and also runs his own dental clinic that uses the model that his business, MB2 Dental integrates in to other practices.


MB2 Dental is a dental management company that provides both front and back support services to dentists. This includes services such as IT, marketing, billing and technology acquisition. Over 70 different offices are affiliated with MB2 Dental and the company employs over 500 people in 6 different states. The goal of MB2 is to let dentists focus on treating patients, by taking care of management, IT and other support services.


Highlights From Chris Steven Villaneuva’s Interview With Ideamensch


Ideamensch started the interview off by asking Dr. Villaneuva where he came up with the idea to start MB2 Dental. He responded by saying that when he completed dental school he had two choices in front of him. His first option was to join a group practice made up of several dentists. This would give him an easy way to begin practicing right away due to shared expenses and best practices. A group practice would also allow him access to the latest technology and expenses would be shared by all those involved. The second option he had when he finished dental school was to start his own dental practice. This would would give complete control and ownership but would cost much more initially and in the long term.


Realizing the two choices in front of him, Chris Steven Villaneuva thought he could combine the best of both worlds with a dental management company that he named MB2 Dental Solutions. It would allow dentists to maintain full control of their own practices, while still enjoying the benefits of collaboration, economies of scale and having access to technology and continuing education.


The next question Ideamensch posed to Dr. Villaneuva was how does he make his day more productive. Chris’ response was that he tries to surround himself with smart and talented people and then lets them do their job. As a CEO, Chris believes one should focus less on micromanaging and trying to control everything your employees do. Instead you should focus on setting out a vision and motivating people to achieve it. If you surround yourself with the right people you should have no problems.