When it comes to real estate business, rest assured of growth since it is a consistently, evolving field in the world of business. Although many real estate agents and investors have put their money in stylish, expensive ventures, not many believe in bettering the society through investing in its development. Omar Boraie, a businessman, and entrepreneur in real estate have made an additional investment towards growing the community. To Omar, real estate stretches beyond purchasing a beautiful home. He is a prominent real estate businessman who works round the clock to enhance the look of his community. Apart from real estate, Omar commits his time to philanthropy.

New Brunswick

According to NJBiz, Omar is the president of Boraie Development. Following his leadership skills and experience in real estate, Boraie Development transformed New Brunswick to a new orchard. When Omar took a trip to New Brunswick, the residents were elated as well as shocked at his commitment towards the project. The agenda of the project was to beautify the city by polishing the houses and building posh apartments as well as modern buildings.

New Brunswick

During the commencement of the project, most residents were in doubt following the intensity of work involved. However, Omar employed an experienced team to handle the project. Being a visionary man, Omar engaged his organization in building a new, modern New Brunswick. The result was a modern, beautiful town with happy people. Not only did Omar transform New Brunswick, but also other cities like Newark and Atlanta.

Atlanta and Newark

Omar’s passion for urban development extended to Newark and Atlanta. Boraie Development LLC (view the company‚Äôs Bloomberg profile to learn more) committed their vision, capital, and reliability to two projects in Atlanta and Newark. Through Omar’s experience, the company has a proven track record of erecting modern buildings. This is what the management of Boraie Development did to beautify the two cities. Omar created projects towards ensuring smooth infrastructure in the towns. Towards this end, he partnered with Shaquille O’ Neal, who grew up in Newark, to beautify the buildings and build modern ones as well.

About Omar

Omar is the founder of Boraie Development. Since its inception, he has transformed over five cities through his passion in real estate. He made a name for himself in the real estate business through New Brunswick development.

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