The current Chief Executive Office of Nabors Industries Ltd, Anthony (Tony) Petrello joined Harvard School of Law where he pursued a Juris Doctor Degree. He also went through Yale University where he acquired an M.S. Degrees in Mathematics.

Lloyd Grove, the editor at large for The Daily Beast went to college with Petrello. In Grove’s 30/5/2014 article titled “The Prince and The Pauper; My College Roommate became an Oligarch,” he says that he the highest paid CEO in the US, Anthony Petrello, as an eighteen-year-old mathematics whiz.

Lloyd had been disturbed inwardly with unworthy emotions such as depression, hopelessness, and envy ever since the Petrello topped the highest paid list. Petrello and Grove were roommates in their freshman year.

Grove browsed the website of Nabors Industries, the world’s leading land-based oil and gas drilling contractor, and discovered that his freshman-year roommate, Petrello, was its CEO and Chairman. He describes Petrello as the skinny public-schooled kid on scholarship from working-class Newark. Petrello had a thick Jersey accent, was a loud mouth, and had an eager demeanor that stood out. From the article, it is clear that Petrello was charming in college.

One quality of Petrolle that Grove clearly states is that of a mathematics genius, and at 18 years of age, Petrello had become a protégé of the world renowned mathematician, Prof. Serge Lang. It was a disappointment when Tony opted for Harvard School rather than maximizing his mathematical brilliance.

It is clear that Petrello thrived in the corporate practice for Baker &McKenzie law firm, Manhattan, in the 1980’s. In 1991, Petrolle got a job offer from Nabors Industries, Houston, one of Baker and McKenzie’s important clients. He joined Nabors as the president and chief operating offer. The rest of Grove’s article is about Petrello’s marriage to Cynthia Petrello and the birth of the daughter Carena, who developed cerebral palsy and led to her parents being one of the leading medical philanthropists in supporting children with neurological disorders like their daughter.