Kevin Sewaright is the founder of a Baltimore based company, RPS Solutions LLC. It is a firm that manages the development, acquisition, asset management, sale of assets, and governmental contracting in financially strained neighborhoods.

The company was formed in 2015. It started by constructing and renovating homes. The aim was to provide cheap housing in Baltimore and nearby regions particularly for first time home-buyer residents.

Seawright pointed out that facilitating Baltimore’s resident to own homes has been his long time passion. He believes that it is an important aspect and component of stabilizing declining neighborhoods.

The pride of owning a home is also critical in wealth development. Seawright’s firm plans to renovate houses. That is expressly for those buying houses for the first time. RPS Solutions LLC will achieve that by collaborating with Housing & Community Development. It will also partner with Baltimore City Officials.

The most recent success story of the initiative involves Jerel Brown. He is a son of Seawright’s former co-worker and long time friend. Seawright worked alongside his mother when he was 10 years. Currently, Jerel is an employee of the Baltimore City Housing Department. Though today he is a grown up and working, Jerel cannot get a house because his budget keeps him out of the housing market.

Jerel noted that finding upgraded properties going for a budget he could afford was tough. According to Crunchbase, when Kevin Seawright intimated that he buys a renovated house, Brown did not hesitate. He stated that he was elated with the opportunity to own his first house. As for Kevin Seawright, he was honored to play a part in enabling a young person to own a home. He stated that it was rewarding to help Brown, who he has mentored and known since he was 10.

About Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial operations leader. He is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC. In his career, Kevin has worked in Baltimore and Washington, DC. That is in the areas of local government and real estate development.

He has also served in the education field. He is experienced in private sector and governmental operations. Kevin Seawright has previously held senior management positions at Tito General Contractors, Maryland, as well as the Newark Economic Development Corporation.