Flavio Maluf, the Vice Chairman and CEO of Eucatex S.A, observes that the construction industry in Brazil will see more opportunities for growth in the coming year. Eucatex specializes in the manufacture of wood products, hardboard, and any other products useful in the construction industry. Some typical products from the firm include filters, hardwood boards, ceiling tiles, stains, panels and other eucalyptus products.

Maluf’s optimism is not without cause. The Brazilian Association of Building Materials Industry (ABRAMAT) conducted a survey which revealed that entrepreneurs in Brazil were looking forward to better days. To begin with, business people were gaining confidence that the increase in the short-term sales index would hold. Moreover, 18.5% of the respondents pinned their sales expectations on “good” and “very good.”

The survey also indicated that optimism levels among Brazilians hit 30% in 2016 up from a paltry 4% experienced in the previous year. One of the sectors expected to introduce an upward trend in the Brazilian economy is the construction industry. Maluf, a key player in this industry, will play a pivotal role in driving the economy forward.

While a few investors are still wary of the current situation, Maluf is brimming with confidence that greater days are yet to come. He is hopeful that his company will realize more profits in the coming year. He plans to pass on such benefit to the Brazilian citizenry through the creation of more job opportunities. In general, the economy is going to grow in leaps and bounds.

Flavio Maluf further reports that other sectors of the economy are going to improve in 2017. He cites farming, which is gradually gaining market share due to the government’s effort in pumping incentives into the industry. Other industries that underline the Brazilian economy are also set for the better time next year.

Maluf is the president of one of the biggest construction companies in Brazil, and as such, he stands to gain big as the economy picks up in the coming year. He hopes that Brazilians will also reap the benefits as they are likely to land more lucrative jobs.