Born in 1960 and raised in Cleveland, Marc Sparks started his career in the Canton Symphony Orchestra in Ohio. He is known as the entrepreneur of other entrepreneurs because he has been involved in many startup companies which have been nothing but successful through his thirty-four years of experience.

He takes an idea, establishes a business model, and builds a culture that has both short-term and long-term goals. As a serial entrepreneur, he owns a private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP, that helps other entrepreneurs develop their businesses to generate revenue.

He is also its CEO. Timber Creek Capital, LP offices were moved to a conducive and collaborative work environment that can allow it to offer incubation period to three different companies at a go.

The firm’s experienced staff provides the necessary expertise, office space and equipment, capital, marketing, banking, and networking to raise businesses from inception to fruition. Through his successful startup companies, Marc believes that to increase output and collaboration; there must be a particular flow in the office.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Marc is also a Philanthropist. He initiated Spark Tank, a project that targeted non-profit organizations. He offers $5,000 to an organization that has the best presentation explaining what it would do with the amount offered. In the beginning, the project attracted fourteen applicants, and it’s still on and open to non-profit organizations’ candidates.

Other charitable works Marc is involved in include The Samaritan Inn, a shelter in Texas that accommodates around 160 homeless people. And also donates computers to children in poverty and has constructed several homes with other personalities in support of Habitat for Humanity.

Marc has always been a believer. He believes that to realize and understand the responsibilities that come with success, God puts us in devastating situations and challenges our efforts. Success does not come easy people have to get out of their comfort zones and achieve it. Through his writing skills, Marc Sparks has narrated his journey in a book; They Can’t Eat You.

In his book, he shares with his readers his experiences with successful and unsuccessful ventures and hopes that it motivates those entrepreneurs that have lost faith in their dreams. His failed ventures have taught him to overcome fear and understand that you cannot win all the time.

When he is not building businesses from scratch, Marc likes working out, traveling, hiking, fishing, biking, and hunting.