Traditionally used for shaving, straight razors have become the hair stylist’s staple. The straight blade offers flexibility and control, giving stylists the edge needed to create some of the most innovative hair designs. Today’s razors, such as those by Donald Scott NYC, are designed with precision in mind.


Donald Scott NYC Chopstik Pro


The Chopstik Pro’s slim design makes it easy to handle. Best used on predominately straight hair, the Chopstik Pro adds some texture and bounce to mid and longer styles. By gently gliding the blade through the hair, this tool leaves no jagged cuts, only a smooth and flattering finish.


Donald Scott NYC Swivel Twist


The Swivel Twist Razor allows the designer to texture a lot or a little, depending on which side of the tool is used. Use one side when a little texture is needed for hair to lye smooth. Swivel to the other side to create more dramatic styles. Define edges by working the blade through hair to remove bulk or add definition.


Unlike scissors, straight razors aide the creativity of the stylist. The Chop Stik Pro and Swivel Twist are just two offered by Donald Scott NYC.

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Groom Stick Pro from WPRNY on Vimeo.