When the internet first began you had to use a dial up connection to get online. Many people believed the internet should be free and did not want to pay the monthly fees. FreedomPop has been offering free internet services for five years now. They won’t work for everyone but they have some plans that are free and others that are economical.


FreedomPop’s main offer is free service for your cell phone. You receive 500MB of 4G data as well as 200 minutes for voice. Unlimited texting is also included in this plan. Another nice feature is you do not have to sign a contract. Cancellation fees also do not apply. There are also no last minute fees when you sign up for FreedomPop. They use Sprint’s network so you do receive quality.


Although 500MB is considerably low FreedomPop tells you this plan is not meant for heavy data users. You must keep an eye on your usage because if you get to your last 100MB of data you will be charged $10.00. An email will be sent first giving you the option to opt out of paying this fee. This feature is also available on their website. Another important aspect of this plan is it is free for a year. Then the typical fee is $10.99 each month.


There are additional ways to increase your data. You have the ability to pay two cents for each minute of data you use over the 500MB. Freedom Friends allows you to receive 10MB of data free every month for each friend who signs up and stays with FreedomPop. Finally there are surveys and offers you can take advantage of to earn free minutes of data. If you are certain up front 500MB will not work for you there are paid options to choose from as well. You can pay a $5.00 monthly fee for Wi-Fi. This feature uses the connections from more than 10 million hotspots throughout the country.


The most popular plan is called Unlimited Everything. This will cost you $20.00 each month. Data, talk and texting are all unlimited. If your data usage exceeds 1GB in any month you will be dropped from a speed of 4G to 3G for the remainder of that month.


There are numerous other options available on FreedomPop’s website. For a FreedomPop review, overall if you consider the fact that you do not have to sign a contract, have no fee for cancellation and no commitment this is an excellent way to reduce all of your cell phone bills. The monthly fees are also extremely reasonable.