Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal specifically focused on oncology. It was established in 2010 and the editors-in-chief are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. There is also a substantial Founding Editorial Board that is located across the country. Oncotarget is a traditional journal with free access which publishes papers on a weekly basis. The goal of Oncotarget is to make scientific results available to the masses quickly. The primary focus of papers is for cancer and oncology. Also, Oncotarget publishes papers on endocrinology, pathology, age-related diseases, physiology, and immunology related to tumor development. The page is growing and soon to include research on stem cells and neuroscience. Oncotarget publishes the following types of entries, editorial, and news, research papers, reviews, mega-review, and books. They store all the archives on the Oncotarget website dating back to 2010 on YouTube. This is convenient for research of older articles or referencing something from the past. There is a total of seven volumes, one for each year that the journal has been published.

Oncotarget is involved in social media. They have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There isn’t a significant amount of activity but there are a few posts, photos, and some tweets.

Oncotarget published an article on “MET amplification as a potential therapeutic target in gastric cancer.” They were researching to see if they could find an indicator for gastric cancer through the availability of MET growth. In addition, they were looking at genetic alteration to as a possible therapeutic result of gastric cancer. The activation of MET typically leads to tumor growth and cell development. Understanding the precursors will help determine how to treat gastric cancer.

Another article that was published recently was highlighting the damaging impacts of E-cigarettes. Growing scientific data on bioxbio.com has indicated that the cells are damaged leading to overcompensation of inflammatory proteins creating oral diseases. Some of the flavors have even led to more disease creation than others. They have requested that E-cigarette manufacturers provide the ingredients and chemical list which will provide more data and opportunity to see the actual impact.

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