Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has such a strong conviction to improve the quality of life for others that even Vice Presidents within his organization take note. They notice that his stead fast commitment to the company’s mission of aiding communities across the globe goes unmatched. This is an immutable fact from the very start of the company in 2007. Constructing hope for one’s fellow man and realizing the deepest potential in self is what it all boils down to.


Reina often expresses a sentiment of there a greater responsibility tied to success. This is basic understanding of appreciation is a value that flows from and through every individual making the whole of the company. He guides and motivates his team members from this cornerstone of compassion and action. The need to make a positive change on the world is not to be understated or underestimated.


As a leader of men and a force in motion, Bob Reina has a most profound cause and effect. One of these causes includes an unprecedented donation to the Tampa Bay Foundation. Another is his ceaseless advocacy on behalf of animals. Not to mention, his support of orphanages in Indonesia. Actions such as these inspire and serve as models for Reina’s business associates and followers all around the world.


To this end, he has a system in place that allows Talk Fusion associates to gift one free account to a nonprofit organization of their choice. These free charity accounts are a part of the Custom Monthly Plan. This top of the line plan comes with total customization, branding and full access to all of Talk Fusion video programming products.


The purpose behind the plan is to help charities worldwide reach out and speak out like never before. The devotion Bob gives to making sure his products make a positive all year long and has been for years now. He loves the success that his technology helps bring about. But he lives for the lasting change uplifting changes that are the true fruits of his labor. And he loves it every day.