Dick DeVos is a prominent business man who works diligently and is committed to success. He attended Northwood University where he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Later on, DeVos went ahead to further his studies at the Harvard Business school as well as the Wharton School. However, he did not graduate in any of the two institutions. The businessman has also received various honorary doctorates. These honors are from Grove City College, Northwood University, and Central Michigan University. Additionally, Northwood University also recognized him as a distinguished alumnus.

DeVos started off at Amway Corporation where he held various positions. In 1984, he became the vice-president and was in charge of all operations of the company in eighteen countries spread throughout six different continents. His leadership led to the opening of new markets, hence increasing the sales to a record the company had never had before.

In 1991, when the DeVos family was part of a purchase involving a franchise of the National Basketball Association that belonged to Orlando Magic, Mr. Dick DeVos became the president of the new acquisition. He held this position three years. In 1993, he left the Orlando Magic Basketball team to be the president of Amway Corporation. His leadership led to the expansion of the business to over 50 countries in different continents.

In 2000, DeVos led a corporate restructuring that brought about Alticor. Alticor became the new parent company. Additionally, he also brought up subsidiary companies. Later on, Alticor had to undergo job cuts to increase the company’s profitability. DeVos’ business acumen was evident as he successfully guided the company through the restructuring. At least 400 of the workers who left were either early retirements or buyouts. This move saved Alticor from downsizing and incurring heavy losses. DeVos left Alticor in 2002 after giving the firm sale of $4.5 billion. He then became the president of the Windquest Group.

DeVos won the election to the Board of Education in Michigan in 1990. However, he resigned 2years into his term that was to last eight years. In 1993, together with his wife, DeVos became the co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund. The fund provides scholarships to the less fortunate children such as orphans and those from low-income families, giving them the chance to attend schools of their choice.

Additionally, the foundation that Dick and his wife co-chaired gave money to groups like American Education Reform Council, children first America as well as Choices for Children.