Customizing a Magnises membership can be quite a challenge, but it all depends on what a person wants. One person may be more intrigued to have a SportsPass on their membership card of Magnises because they like going out to sporting events and want to make sure that their seats will be great. Another person’s main focus may be getting to go into nightclubs that may have previously been hard to get into, so their ClubPass will help them do this. The HotelPass is something that should be obtained by someone who wants discounted hotel stays.

Anyone who wants the WorkPass is likely getting it because they want lower prices on their co-working space and other benefits as well. Having a Magnises membership can do so much for any person, especially for those who are always looking to have fun in New York City or other cities. New York City can have so many things going on in a single day, and it’s rare if a day passes when something fun isn’t happening in the city. Even those who like to go bowling, eat at restaurants, go to bars, or watch movies can use their Magnises membership for benefits.

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One of the most important things to get after purchasing a Magnises membership is the Magnises Concierge, which just needs to be downloaded to any smartphone. Similar to having a personal assistant, ask the concierge anything to get an answer. The concierge is so good that it can tell you what’s happening right now in the city, and other suggestions can be given to you about where you should go if you want to have fun. Make reservations right through the concierge as well as getting a lot of information about any kind of events.

Those with a Magnises membership will only have the tough choice of deciding what fun things they want to do with their membership card in tow. It can be a pain to carry around a lot of cards, so Magnises has made it easy for anyone to cut out the amount of cards they carry by adding their banking credentials to their Magnises card. Since the card is also personalized, only ID may be necessary in certain cases when the person chooses to show their Magnises card. Having a Magnises card can really make a lot of difference in the life of a young socialite.

Anyone who used to feel that it was necessary to be a VIP or a famous person to get invited to certain events will no longer feel this way because the Magnises card makes you a VIP on on Crunchbase. Discounts at bars as well as restaurants is available with the Magnises card. Getting into sold out concerts can also be possible when using the Magnises card. Go see a great Broadway show to brag about it later because you gained access with the use of your Magnises card. With the Magnises Black Card in tow, just about anything is possible when going out on the town.

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