Michael Zomber is one individual who boasts of vast knowledge in antique armor and arms such as swords and guns. His unmatched knowledge is attributed to more than four decades of gathering information as well as studying. By virtual of such knowledge and expertise, he is globally recognized as a Japanese samurai swords authority. In the recent past, Zomber has appeared on the Tales of the Gun series, which airs on the History Channel, as a guest historian. The series includes Million Dollar Guns, Guns of the Famous, Dueling Pistols, Guns of the Orient, Automatic Pistols, as well as Shotguns.

Zomber’s Publications and Film Work

Armed with his unprecedented level of knowledge in antique arms and armor, he has authored numerous historical novels as well as over a dozen screenplays. Most of his stories revolve around the Japanese Samurai era as well as armed conflicts witnessed in the historical era. Further, the publications give an insight into how the samurai swords were used and their effectiveness during that era. The publications highly appeal to historical enthusiasts, particularly those fascinated with antique arms. Some of the novels under his authorship include the Shogun Iemitsu, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, as well as Jesus and the Samurai, which is an non-fiction publication.

Zomber and his beloved wife, Andrea, own the Renascent Films LLC, which is a proprietary company. Through this company, they have managed to create or produce the Soul of the Samurai, a documentary film.

Philanthropic Initiatives

Since Zomber is an arms historian, he is well conversant with the cost of armed conflict in terms of loss of lives and devastation. Driven by such knowledge, he strongly supports non-governmental organizations that advocate for peace such as Amnesty International, UNICEF, Global Exchange as well as Doctors Without Borders.

Personal Life and Education

Apart from his historian life, Zomber is a family man who has a wife and two kids, Christopher and Gabriella. He graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and later earned a master’s degree in the same discipline. Currently, he resides with his entire family in Philadelphia.