Doe Deere, is a name that makeup enthusiasts everywhere can not help notice. She has spent years working to create a makeup brand, that is regarded as one of the most poplar online beauty stores to date. Doe created Liime Crime to bridge the gap between traditional makeup hues, and more bold daring colors for woman that crave excitement in the color department.

In a recent interview with Galore magazine, Doe shared the details of her humble beginnings as an entrepreneur, as well as the funny story behind how she came to name her company Lime Crime. Doe loves her brand, and feels that she is “cheating at life” by having a business that is so fun and glamorous. We learn that Doe has created the life that she loves, by doing what she has always enjoyed, and now she is a successful business woman inspiring others to live their dreams one color at a time.

During her interview, Doe recalls her earliest memory of creating dramatic makeup looks, and the impact it has continued to have on her life. While at a slumber party one night, Doe and her friends were dressing up as witches pretending to conjure spirits. While the girls all looked that part, Doe felt that something was missing. Doe immediately grabbed her makeup bag, and began transforming herself, and her friends into even more authentic witches, by creating a dramatic dark smokey eye look, complete with winged eyeliner. Doe says that times like these are what created the fierce business woman she is today.

Lime Crime may seem like the perfect name for a brand that is dedicated to creating bold cosmetics, but it turns out that the name was originally created for Doe’s EBay store and simply has managed to stick. In a stroke of luck, her unique business name is easy to remember and also is easy to Google, making it perfect for her brand. Lime Crime is a company that is all about personal style and standing out, and everything from Doe’s infectious personality, to it’s unforgettable name seem to make it impossible to resist.  Be sure to have a look at their offerings on Amazon, which is popular for the Velvetines line, not to mention their Urban Outfitters storefront.