Doug Levitt is a singer and songwriter that has traveled across the country writing songs about the American experience. While this might sound typical of many singers in America, Doug Levitt does something a little more unique by using his journey on Greyhound buses as the inspiration for his art. Given the pride that people take in traveling privately by car, it’s only natural that the type of people Doug found on his journey were the kind of people that were desperate to get from point A to point B, and didn’t have the resources to take something a little more luxurious.

Referring to this ongoing project as the “Greyhound Diaries,” Doug Levitt hopes to inspire people in the same way as when similar efforts were undertaken in the 1930’s. When people find conflicting ideologies tearing them apart, it’s nice to have an artist remind us that we’re all in this together. Through Doug Levitt’s artistic endeavors, listeners are reminded of the connections they share between each other.

Aside from his artistic background, Doug Levitt also worked in London for a time period as a foreign correspondent. Interestingly, he worked in this capacity for both ABC and NBC. Since that time, Doug has moved on to traveling the country through the aforementioned Greyhound buses. After traveling over 100,000 miles as a part of this project, Doug has used his songs, pictures, and stories to create a rich tapestry of not just the American experience, but the human experience as well.

For those interested in Doug’s work, he routinely travels the country, appearing in free public concerts. In addition, Doug has set up a website so that people can easily access his collection of photos and stories. If you’ve ever wondered what a cross-country journey by Greyhound bus would be like, then you should visit Doug Levitt’s site and see what it’s all about. Doug Levitt’s journey took him through not just the cities of America, but it’s small towns as well, creating a much more vivid picture of the American landscape than any movie or television show could accurately capture.