A lot of CEO’s like to talk a big game, but when it comes time to actually putting their plan in motion, they are oftentimes hard to find and they disappear. They just say things to make themselves feel good and look good. However, a recent article, which can be read here, http://yourmarkontheworld.com/talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-mission-change-lives/, proves and shows that Bob Reina backs up his talk with action. He is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, so he knows a lot about talk, but he knows just as much about action, if not more, which is the wonderful thing about Bob. There is a quote in the article which sums up everything that Bob Reina is about and everything that he stands for and that quote is, “With great success comes greater responsibility.”

They discuss in the article his motivation to want to do more and help more people. Sometimes in life, that is half the battle, having the motivation to actually want to go out and do it. People can tell when your motivation level is not there or you are simply going through the motions. With Bob Reina, he is as motivated as they come and nothing stands in his way when he sets his mind to something and accomplishing it. He is going to do it and he is going to do it the right way.

The article also discusses some of the great things that Talk Fusion offers from Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat. Another thing stood out in the article to me and that is the fact that Bob likes to hear success stories. Bob is spending a lot of time with this and CEO’s can get quite busy. Bob, however, is never too busy to hear a success story such as someone that has helped out friends and family financially thanks to this product. This is the kind of impact Bob is having, as people are giving back to their friends and family the same way that Bob has given back to non-profits. It is promoting the idea of giving back.

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