Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist who has also authored several publications on business. His early life can be traced back to Teaneck, New Jersey, where he grew up. Through his life, Eric Pulier has showed great passion for computing, specifically programming. This urge began right from fourth grade and acted as inspiration to him. He launched his first database company while in high school.

After his high school education Eric Pulier proceeded to the Harvard University in 1984, where he pursued English and American Literature. He also continued learning programming and extended his passion through different programs that he designed while in campus. Eric Pulier also began his journey in authorship by contributing on a column in The Harvard Crimson. In 1988, he was able to graduate magna cum laude.

Owing to his prowess and dedication to innovation, Pulier worked on several government projects. One of the most popular projects that he worked on successfully is during the second inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Titled “Bridges to the 21st Century”, the event invited thousands of people, high ranking professionals and public figures.

The role of Pulier was to organize the event and to ensure it proceeded well, something he achieved easily. To make the presentations simple, he created distinct sections that would showcase the effect of technologies and the prediction of life in years to come. There were several categories that were explored including community, government, space exploration, family, environment, healthcare and education.

During this occasion, he also arranged for streaming from the Space Shuttle in a real-time manner. The session included interactions with the astronauts and after the event, Eric Pulier maintained contact with Al Gore and Bill Clinton.

Mr. Eric Pulier is also philanthropic as he has supported several organizations on a humanitarian mission. He donated capital to facilitate the launch of the Starlight Foundation, which has been focusing on assisting children battling chronic illnesses. He later designed a virtual world also referred to as Starbright World for the foundation. This program would help children suffering from chronic illnesses to connect with the world.

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