The career of Malcolm Casselle has taken him to some of the world’s leading technology and investment companies where he has taken the chance to become one of the world’s leading experts in the Online retail and social media platforms. The latest development in the technology field from Malcolm Casselle combines his love of both video gaming and financial investments; the Worldwide Asset eXchange has been created to become the premier marketplace for the sale and trading of physical and digital items.

Better known as WAX, this company under the leadership of Malcolm Casselle hopes its unique take on creating a secure and efficient trading platform will make it the top trading platform for all users of digital media. Casselle will introduce a range of new options and ideas for securing Online payments for collectibles and video game purchases made by gamers who will be given a safe and secure payment method using cryptocurrency options as well as more traditional payments.

Educated at MIT and Stanford, Malcolm Casselle made his name early in his career when he correctly identified the social media boom of the early 21st-century as one of the most important trends of the coming decades. Casselle himself made a range of impressive investments in the early days of the growth of the Internet when he identified Facebook and Zynga as some of the most impressive platforms for the future.

The changing face of social media and Online content has become the main source of interest for Malcolm Casselle including the 2012 investment he made in Timeline Labs as the need for greater control of social media content was identified as a leading industrial sector for the future. Under the leadership of Malcolm Casselle. Timeline Labs continued to develop software capable of tracking social media posts and monitoring the relative success or failure of Online content created and delivered by various companies with a major social media presence, and

The new year is finally here and the start of 2018 will display many new options for cancer research. If you go online, there are numerous websites that display a large amount of cancer-related information. Of course, this is great news for those who are interested, but the information is scattered across a wide playing field. This is where WebMD comes into the picture. WebMD is known for offering some of the best updated, health-related material on the Internet. By teaming-up with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, this duo will provide some of the best solutions for people who have interest in this exclusive line of work, and what CTCA knows.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMD are revolutionizing the game in a sense. This platform of cancer-related material is free to the public, and it can be accessed at any time of the day. Navigating the cancer experience has never been so easy thanks to the platform’s user-friendly display. Whether it’s information on chemotherapy, pain management, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy or caregiver support, it can all be found here. You shouldn’t have to surf the web through multiple websites, which can be a headache. All of the information will be displayed front and center with this partnership. Whatever topic your mouse clicks on will display current and accurate information. There are also informative, short videos that can be viewed.

Since 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been providing some of the best personalized, patient-centered care. The organization has a resume of success, and it has helped to save millions of lives. Some of its prominent hospitals are located across the United States in Chicago, in Phoenix, in Philadelphia, in Tulsa and in Atlanta. Coordinated care and precision-cancer treatments is the epitome of the prestigious Cancer Treatment Centers of America and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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Daniel Taub, former ambassador for Israel to the United Kingdom, has had a notable career in writing, public relations, and international law. Daniel was born and raised in the United Kingdom, where he attended the secondary school at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. He later studied at the University College, Oxford for a Bachelor’s degree in Literature in 1983, the Chancery Lane School of Law for his United Kingdom Lawyers Certification in 1985, the University College, London for a Masters’ Degree in Law in 1989, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government for a Masters’ Degree in Public Policy in 2002.


Daniel Taub served in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic and as a Reserve Officer in the International Law Division of the Israeli Defense Forces. He served as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 until 2015, where he placed a great deal of emphasis on uniting the people of Israel and Palestine and bringing the middle east into the future. Daniel is currently Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv foundation, whose goal is to further the peaceful development of democracy and Israeli ideals and equality for all inhabitants of Israel. Mr. Taub wrote Parasha Diplomatit and provides humorous commentary on Torah readings. Mr. Taub also writes articles that appear in several major online newspapers, including The Huffington Post and The Guardian, in addition to the script for HeChatzer, a popular drama series. He lives in the Jerusalem area and is happily married with six children.


Quite notably, in 2014 Daniel Taub defiantly entered Bradford, West Yorkshire, England despite the declaration by xenophobic then-Member of Parliament George Galloway that it was to be a “Israel free zone”. Galloway even warned against Israeli tourists, scholars and others visiting the city, as they were “unwanted and unwelcome”. Galloway has notably been xenophobic and branded as a racist, even refusing to debate an Israeli student representative in 2013, stating he “does not debate with Israelis” and walked out of the building.


With increased security measures, Mr. Daniel Taub bravely delivered a speech to the people of Bradford who invited him, thanking them for showing him “the real voice of Bradford and Yorkshire”. He emphasized the need for inclusiveness the people of Bradford showed in order to bring peace. He continued his visit to the borough by talking with several groups, including councilors and religious leaders. Learn more:





There are many around the world who want to start investing more money each month. Investing is a great way to reach your financial goals. Brazil is a growing country that offers many opportunities in this area.

One of the best industries to invest in is banking. Igor Cornelsen is an expert in the banking industry in Brazil. With all of his experience, he is a great person to learn from.

Find Investments

Finding investments is not easy in Brazil. With the volatile economy, there are many stocks that fluctuate wildly throughout the day. Igor Cornelsen recommends spending a lot of time finding the right investments before putting money into the market.

The good thing about the banking industry is that the companies are generally stable. Over time, this presents a great investment opportunity for investors. Investors should look for companies that have a strong balance sheet and a lot of room for growth.




As an investor, it is vital to understand the role that volatility plays in the market. There are many people who are nervous about losing money on a wild day of trading. The best strategy for investing success is to buy and hold investments for a long period of time.

This is a strategy that has been proven many times in the market. Instead of buying and selling based on emotion, investors can learn how to pick investments and hold them for future gains.


In the years ahead, many investing experts believe that Brazil is going to keep growing at a rapid pace. Igor Cornelsen is excited about all of the investing opportunities today. He likes to give advice to people who are just starting out in their investing journey.

His best advice is to do conduct thorough research and stay the course when the market drops.

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A few weeks ago, Ted Bauman did an article on how investors can take advantage of the recent tax cuts and make money in the forex markets. The article begins with an account of his experience in South Africa where he lived for a number of years helping people have access to decent affordable housing. Considering the magnitude of the United States economy the dollar is quite strong when compared to the South African Rand. Realizing this, Mr. Bauman moved in with speed and bought an asset which has and continues to pay off handsomely. Read more on about Ted Bauman.

This is the model that Ted is advising his readers to adopt as the recent tax cuts by the House of Representatives provided a real opportunity for the same. In order to understand the real opportunity here, he explained that a strong dollar if of benefit to the US consumers when they travel abroad to countries whose currency is weaker when compared to the United States dollar, and this is the reason they find almost everything and anything to be relatively cheaper and affordable.

However, the situation is not rosy for the manufacturers based in the United States since strong dollar means that their products seem quite expensive and sometimes out of reach for consumers from countries whose currency is weaker when compared to the United States dollar.

On the flipside, products made in countries with a weaker currency when compared to the United States dollar find it easier to penetrate the American market since they are relatively cheaper in the eyes of the consumers.

Business analysts have already predicted that the recent tax cuts will lead to a $1.5 trillion federal deficit which will, in turn, weaken the United States dollar. This there means that it is the right time to buy foreign assets like Ted priced in currencies that are weaker than the United States dollar. When the United States Dollar starts losing as it already has, the value of the foreign asset will be increasing since the price of the asset in foreign currency will be higher when compared to the prevailing United States dollar amount then.

Who is Ted Bauman?

Ted Bauman is a seasoned financial guru specializing in low-risk investment, asset protection and emerging privacy matters. His aim is to help everyday people become wealthy and lead a truly dignified life. He is the editor of the Bauman Letter and an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing.

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The field of engineering happens to be among the most aggressive platforms whereby people have invested a lot of their skills in. It is a very dynamic field and engineering mixed with technology provides great skills and returns. It is a field that has been dominated by a lot of experts all of whom have great expertise in technology. It is always recommendable for engineers to embrace technology so that they can make it in life. Many companies that aspire to achieve must be able to work on improved customer care. They must focus their attention on the best skills and technology.

National Steel car happens to be one of those engineering companies that are always committed to success. It is the leading car manufacturing company in the steel car industry in the whole of North America. The company has been able to remain so competitive in their field and have also been able to achieve greatness for success. They have been able to maintain their high level of competition because of their commitment, innovation, technology, good customer relationships and also the passion. The company has been in the field of manufacturing rail freight cars for a period of more than 100 years and they have been able to achieve a lot in business. Maintenance of their high standards has been a core value. See More Information Here.


National steel car has been able to achieve that much because of the committed leadership of the famous chairman and CEO, Gregory J Aziz. He has been able to witness the company grow in all the levels of achievements and he has always been there for its achievements. Greg Aziz has been with the company since the year 1994 when the company was bought from the one famous Dofasco. Gregory James the brain behind the company’s great achievements. Greg Aziz always dedicated his time and skills to the achievement of the company. He is also known to possess qualities of a very humble leader and mainly focuses on very important things which are usually for the success of the company.


Greg Aziz before joining the company happened to have worked with the famous Affiliated Foods. The company was a family business which he used to manage. They used to export foods on wholesale from various food rich countries to other parts. He later quit joining the banking fraternity whereby he was able to organize for the purchase of national steel company.


Hedge Fund Manager From 1969 To 2011

George Soros released over $17 billion to the Open Society Foundations and changed the philanthropic tide in the world. He was able to do these things because of the insights he learned as a financial expert.


Professionals that work as hedge fund managers are in essence day traders.

Day traders often get their official start on Wall Street by setting up a computer at their apartment’s kitchen table. All it takes is access to the live numbers of Wall Street’s trading and then an account with a secure firm. Those traders then rise over the years and succeed after gathering tremendous knowledge.

This knowledge is then sought and used by others hoping to walk in the same footsteps. A financial professional who shows outstanding, ongoing performance will then be lobbied by other professionals to start a fund.

Traders then become hedge fund managers once they accept the responsibilities of other people’s money being traded with theirs, and more information click here.


Living As A Manager By First Managing Your Own

George Soros leveraged his wealth as a hedge fund manager from his career’s onset.


He did so because of his knowledge base and the ongoing success he had that others sought. The basic scenario for George Soros, during this period in his life, was as the “go-to” for others seeking to invest their money but without actually having the knowledge of how, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.


The middle man became George Soros.

What eventually happens in the allocation of money, as investors from all over pool their funds together and to create one large fund, is usually managed by a leading professional. So whatever money you invest, for example, gets rated as a percent of the entire fund and the percent you receive back in profits, and Twitter.


The Legacy That Followed

George Soros couldn’t sustain this position for very long, and the world’s leading hedge fund managers rarely do. The stresses of Wall Street are already tremendous and seemingly endless. Add that stress to the needs and demands of multiple investors, and you have a great mess to deal with.

George Soros didn’t need to remain as a fund manager, and he never closed any of his investment firms when he left their control. The freedom he gave himself actually led to greater returns on his personal investments as his freedom could be more strategic. This is the legacy of an outstanding financial professional.


It All Came From A Young Refugee Boy

The legacy built by George Soros is a reflection of the past he lived as a child. Both the humanitarian and financial identity of George Soros was driven by a passion to become better and more. He followed that passion as far as he could take it and then became a billionaire in the process.

National Steel Car is a company that was founded in 1912. It is an engineering and manufacturing firm in North America. The company is based on the activities if designing, engineering, and manufacturing. National Steel Car was founded so that it could supply railroad freight cars to big railway’s corporations in North America. In the first few years of its business activity, the company was doing very well. It managed to record success that was impressive. The results made the founders very happy. They saw this as a business opportunity that they needed to expand on. They pumped in more money which they used to expend the company.



National Steel Car has been operational for more than a hundred years. It has managed to keep itself very strong in the industry since it is based on a strong foundation of delivering quality products to the clients. The company have been very resilient and have managed to keep competition in the industry at bay for all those years. National steel car is known by its clients as a company that has very good quality products. This is the reason it has been able to maintain its clients for a very long time. National Steel Car has been doing very well. It has fought back economic hardships and technological scares to be the oldest engineering firm in the region. National Steel Car was established under the Nationals Industries Inc.



In recent years, the company has emerged as a global powerhouse in terms of technological advancements. The company has been in offering great services to their clients and it has also boosted its production capacity. The recent changes have taken place during the tenure of the latest CEO Gregory James Aziz. He has been leading the company in coming up with measures that are needed to develop the company into a global leading company.


About Greg Aziz



Greggory Aziz is from Ontario, Canada. He also worked for his family business Affiliated Foods, after graduating from Ridley College and later after joining University of Western Ontario. He bought national steel car in 1994. Under his management, the company has been doing very well. The company has been at the top of things trying to make the engineering industry greater and greater. Gregory James Aziz has brought ion expertise in business management that has seen the operations of the company resuscitate. His contribution to the management of the company has been remarkable. He has led the company in coming up with measures that are intended to make the company the biggest producer of railroad freight cars in the world. Click Here for Related Information.


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     Ted Bauman is dissecting the American tax plan and personal debt with his recent article, Debt: The Invisible Threat to Your Wealth. In the article, he discusses taxes and why they have become so important to many Americans. Not only do they represent the subtraction of some of their disposable income, but for some Americans, they are forced to cut back on things they may need to accommodate those taxes.

The problem is that taxes are just a scapegoat for the real problem, individual debt. Credit card companies continue to artificially inflate prices, but people are not as aware of it as they should be because they believe that they are getting quality with the larger price tags. Unfortunately, this is not true. In some cases, such as car loans and mortgages, they may end up paying way more for something worse. Things do not need to stay that way, Bauman says.

According to him, if Americans took a closer look at their personal debt they could be making up that 15 to 20 percent they see coming out of their checks. The interest could be killing them financially and sometimes they may even buy things they don’t need because they have access to the funds to purchase it. Eliminating personal debt is the key to saving money. Bauman explains that it could make up for the tax cuts, for some it could do even more. Instead of cutting back on public programs, he asks consumers to just cut back on their overuse of creditors in general. It might be hard at first, but it will save this big in the long run.

When it comes to financial planning, Ted Bauman is a go-to expert in his field. He has been consulting on finances and investments since he finished school at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Obtaining two graduate degrees in Economics and History, not only does Bauman know about the past but he has a keen insight into the financial future. He has used his excellent resources to further himself along in his career, gaining leadership roles within the financial field. After starting out as a fund manager for a small housing project, he launched himself to the top and started traveling the world to learn his craft. He relies on those experiences heavily in his writing to provide readers with information that will help them eventually secure their futures.

In the car manufacturing industry, Gregory James Aziz is a well-known man. Greg Aziz is currently the Chief executive officer of the National Steel Car. Additionally, he is also the chairman. National Steel Car is among the businesses that make huge profit. The Canadian businessman was born in Ontario on April 30, 1949. Greg went to Ridley College and later went to Western University and studied economics. His family was wealthy, and it owned a wholesale business of importing and exporting fresh food called Affiliated Foods.


Immediately after Gregory J Aziz completed studies in 1971, he joined the company and helped it grow into a top fresh food importer and exporter. It was as a result of his hard work and discipline after heading the company for almost twenty years. James Aziz left the company business for banking in New York where he worked in late between 1980’s and early 1990’s and held different positions. The experience he gained from the family business and in banking was a very positive achievement for him.



Greg Aziz left the banking industry and bought the National Steel Car from Dofasco. James Aziz made changes to the company by supplying capital and human support combined with the company’s production capability to restore it to its former status. The Canadian company was not performing well, and James Aziz resolved to make it the top rail freight car manufacturing and engineering company in North America. Within five years, the company had increased its annual rail freight car production from 3,500 to 12,000. Additionally, the labor force in the company had risen from 600 to 3,000. Get More Information Here.


The efforts of Greg Aziz have been key for the growth that have been seen in company. He has engaged the company in a transformative route that will make the production capacity of the firm to continue on growing. Greg Aziz has applied his entrepreneurial skills as well as his economic studies to develop a company that will rule the manufacturing industry for years to come.



It’s the North America’s only ISO 9001:2008 certified rail freight car company and also the holder of TTX SECO quality award consistently award since 1996. Gregory J Aziz also gives back to the Hamilton community through sponsoring various projects like Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius and salvation army. He also sponsors the Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair together with his wife, Irene.


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