Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the most prominent New Jersey-based dentists in the United States. According to him, business is what you make it happen. For this reason, no one has a better business value than those who are entitled to activate their end of the bargain. When Dr. Avi Weisfogel was in school, he was determined to become the best doctor in the United States. For this reason, he worked hard to attain the entry grade to join the school of dentistry in New York. Dr. Avi Weisfogel joined the New York University and became the best students. According to his professors, he was one of the most innovative students in the university.

When he graduated from college, he was determined to become the bet dentist in the country. As a matter of fact, he worked hard to achieve his dreams. In the end, he was appointed as the best dentist in the country on many occasions. Dr. Avi Weisfogel began his career with passion and gratitude. He was determined to create a difference in society. Because of his activation, he has developed more than 100 therapies in the medical arena. He has focused on the interception of medical consonants and their aspects in treating sleep apnea and learn more about Avi.

According to a recent study, more than 90 percent of sleep apnea patients remain undiagnosed until they succumb to death. This is the most unfortunate part of the story. Sleep apnea, according to the same research, affects more than 30 percent of the obese people regardless of their age. In the end, they will cooperate to develop their business models in a manner that is nit acknowledged in the industry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also attained better business activities to achieve the best models of attainment. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey.

Sleep apnea is one of the destructive diseases in the United States. It is also associated with other diseases including heart attack, stroke, and overweight. For you to treat the disease, you must first take care of your overall weight index and more information click here.

In the Guest of a Guest interview “Lime Crime’s Doe Deere On How to Make Your Dreams Come True”, Samantha Guarnieri interviews the Queen of Unicorns, Doe Deere, on her successful brand Lime Crime.


Russian-born Doe Deere moved to New York when she was 17 and currently lives in L.A. When she first moved to the U.S. she became a musician, teaching her valuable lessons on her career and marketing. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, creating her first business when she was 13 years old selling temporary tattoos to her classmates.


Deere’s cosmetic brand Lime Crime was born out of the realization that her passions could coincide with the strong feelings of others. Back in 2008, the makeup industry was fixated on a natural look that was full of beige colors. But Deere wanted something else. Recognizing that she wasn’t the only one who wanted bright makeup colors, Deere created Lime Crime. At first, it was a simple eBay account and she modeled all the colors herself.


Then she realized that she wanted to revolutionize the makeup industry. She wanted to create the freedom for her customers to be themselves, without fear or judgement. Makeup, hair, and fashion are all modes of expression. And by providing quality makeup that feels as good as it looks, Lime Crime caters to those who want to create unique looks for every mood.


However, Lime Crime isn’t just an innovator of bold, cruelty-free makeup. It was also a pioneer of selling makeup online. In 2008, many experts continuously told Deere it would be impossible to sell makeup online. They kept claiming that a huge part of selling was allowing the customers to try it on at the counter. But Deere persisted and championed the “on-lip” swatch where the lip color is presented on the actual lips. Other makeup companies quickly adapted the practice and now it’s an industry standard.


It hasn’t always been easy. Lime Crime and Deere herself were the subject of internet trolls. But she learned to ignore the haters, especially when the rumors are so wildly inaccurate. She developed a policy for those with legitimate concerns through their Customer Care Department, but for the most part, Deere stays focused on the positive by spotlighting the huge number of supporters.


Deere wants to continue innovating and experimenting with her brand while maintaining the ethics her unicorn followers have come to expect, providing bright colors and sparkles for those who are different and proud of it.


Follow Doe Deere on Twitter @doedeere.

Science is the collective force that drives humankind towards finding answers to problems and questions that did not have an answer before. Research is Indispensable to developing a better quality of life for everyone. Especially researches that comprise what we name “Life Sciences,” which are the scientific study of living organisms and the interactions between cells, tissues, organisms, and composed of bioengineering, neuroscience, microbiology, and so on.

Why are Life Sciences so important? Because, among the answers that the progress of this sector can lead to, the most important one is: The answer to diseases and health issues. Life Sciences are correlated with medicine. 5 AM Ventures, A company managed by Scott M. Rocklage, understands the importance of these studies for the development of the scientific world.

Many Life Science companies start from the ground only to end up falling where they stood previously. It is a harsh reality that it is so difficult to raise one of these companies, because their primary goal is not to generate profit, but to advance the researches of life science. However, among the complications that come with starting your own business, many companies do not stand through the first months of existence and what Scott knows.

5 AM Ventures is an investment company that allows these companies to develop their studies with the funding of 5 AM Ventures. All of this wouldn’t be possible without Scott M. Rocklage’s management.

He is the management partner of the company since 2003. He was responsible for the approval of three new drug applications in the U.S., assisting medicine in finding new, better ways to improve their treatments and more information click here.

He has a lot of experience with healthcare and medicine, having worked as Chairman and CEO of the company Cubist Pharmaceuticals and President of Nycomed Salutar. His investment in the field of scientific research was a clear goal since he was younger, having studied Chemistry at the University of California. He would later get his Ph.D. in MIT, further improving his knowledge of the industry.

Scott Rocklage is better known for having worked with the researcher Richard R. Schrock, in a laboratory studied that would later be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, in 2005. The man is a businessman and a sympathizer of science that wants to see the Life Science unlock its full potential and resume him.

Anthony Petrello is an extremely successful business man and contributor to Neurological research at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

He went to Yale University and earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics. He then, went to Harvard Law School and earned his J.D. degree. His career path has led him to work with one of the biggest drilling and equipment companies across the nation. His title is currently, the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd., and Tony Petrello is making millions of dollars every year doing what he does.

Nabors Industries has gone through its ups and downs in the drilling industry, but has grown tremendously from the time Eugene Isenberg and Marty Whitman saved it from bankruptcy in 1974. Eventually drilling overseas, buying other successful drilling companies, and drilling equipment companies has helped Nabors become one of the largest providers of oil and gas in the U.S.. The company is worth $17 billion, and they employ over 29,000 people.

Petrello became involved with the Texas Children’s Hospital when his daughter, Carena, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and he and his wife, Cynthia, could not find the information needed to help her fight the condition. He and his wife have contributed $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital, so that more research can be done for the scientific discoveries of pediatric neurological disorders. Petrello’s highly successful career has led him to lead a philanthropic lifestyle as well as business.

Kim Dao is a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber who lives in Japan. She recently posted a video showing what her apartment is like. This is her older apartment as she moved out as she found another apartment in a better location.

One of the main things to know about living in an apartment in Japan, Kim Dao says, is that they’re very small by Western standards. The first look we get at the apartment is when she walks in and shows us the tiny entryway. This is the area where everyone takes off their shoes and stores them. Kim Dao has also used the area to store things that guests to her apartment might need such as a hair blower and towels.

The next area that Kim Dao shows us is the laundry room. There is just enough space for the washing machine plus a small space to store her vacuum machine. Keeping with the other rooms, the bathroom has just enough space for a bathtub and sink. The toilet is in a separate room next door.

Kim Dao’s kitchen has very limited counter space. She stores a lot of her utensils, pots, and pans on hooks on the wall. There is also only one stove and a very small space for food preparation as well as a space to store drying dishes.

The next room that she shows us is her bedroom. Kim Dao says its just big enough for her bed, desk, and a coffee table.

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When it comes to wealth management, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions offers the right advice concerning savings and money investment. Wealth Solutions was established with the aim of providing top services concerning client growth, protection, and management of assets. Through Wealth Solutions, customers can rest assured of having an active partner as well as an adviser in Richard Blair. He is highly experienced with the right expertise and qualification to offer financial advice. Richard is a certificate holder of CAS, RICP, CFS and CES. Wealth Solutions is geographically located in Austin Texas. It is a firm that offers investment advisory service and operates through Registered Investment Advisory firm also known as RIA.



Wealth Solutions



According to Richard Blair, everybody needs to have a concrete plan that guides them through their financial goals. He, therefore, aims to offer guidance to the people of Austin Texas on financial planning through management services on wealth creation and retirement plans. Under Richard’s leadership, Wealth Solutions employs a comprehensive approach that borders three pillars. The approach allows the company to hasten the discovery of a client’s financial situation and retirement needs. The three components also help Wealth Solutions to develop a holistic plan tailored for each customer.






Here are the pillars Wealth Solutions operates on:



Pillar 1 – This element is tailored and designed to assist the clients with laying out their financial road map. It helps with identifying their strengths, weaknesses, risks tolerance as well as opportunities for growth. When the advisor understands a client’s position, it is easy to assist them in following their roadmap to financial investment.



Pillar 2 – This pillar is employed in assisting clients with developing long-term investment plans. It is customized to fit the specific needs of a client including their investment goals. Richard Blair is in charge of reallocating as well the management of assets to ensure the high level performance of a customer’s portfolio.



Pillar 3 – The third pillar involves a careful analysis of a client’s goals and objectives. After determining a client’s goals and handing them the strategies for achieving the goals, Blair works on their insurance demands. This package includes life insurance in addition to long-term care.



About Richard Blair



Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. He attended the University of Houston and majored in finance. After his college degree, he joined the industry of finance in 1993. Being a visionary man, he applied the knowledge in establishing Wealth Solutions in 1994. His passion for assisting people led him to base the company’s objectives on providing strategies to help people in creating wealth.

Anesthesia services are some of the most practical services in medical care. This medication is vital before, during, and after medical procedures. life seem to throw obstacles at us all from time to time. These obstacles come in the form of accidents, illnesses, and injuries. To affectively treat these ailments, anesthesia may be required as it will help to reduce the patients stress as well as allow physicians to work their magic without being under duress. Capital Anesthesiology Association of Austin, Texas is leading by example and it has come up with a way to provide the very best in anesthesia care.

This organization stands out because of it’s many benefits. CAA serves up to 20 medical facilities that are in and around Greater Austin, Texas. These facilities include Dell Children’s Medical Center, Texas Surgery Center, Brackenridge Hospital, Texas Orthopedics, Northwest Hills Surgical Center, Inspire Surgical Center, Cedar Park regional Medical Center, and many more. You won’t find too many other organizations with this much clout, but CAA makes it look easy. Patients can be guaranteed of the receiving the most comfortable environment possible, which aids in the recuperating process.

Capital Anesthesiology Association also educates and train the next generation of aspiring medical personnel. This includes nurse anesthetists, nurses, medical residents, medical students, and paramedic. This covers just about the total gambit and it prepares these individuals for the challenging tasks at hand. All in all, this organization is the face of modern day anesthesiology and it’s passion to succeed will further it well into the future.

Professional Network: Linkedin.com/company/capitol-anesthesiology

Paul Mampilly, a renowned financial expert, is assisting a huge number of the individual to know about technology, growth investing, special opportunities and small-cap stocks. He is currently working as Senior Editor specializing in The Sovereign Society since 2016. He is a winner of prestigious competition known as “Templeton Foundation investment,” and he was also a hedge fund manager in the past.

Mampilly had come online on different TV channels as well such as Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV and it shows it credibility because these are the famous channel and they don’t usually have anyone until he has some potential to share with ordinary people.

He founded Profits Unlimited, a famous investment newsletter, in which he uses his expertise, knowledge along with his skills to guide his thousands of subscribers into stocks which are about to shoot higher.

And as per the latest update about Profits Unlimited, this research service achieved a huge milestone by hitting a target in less than what expected. Paul has earned his expertise by working for the Giants in Wall Street for more than two decades such as Kinetics International, ING, and Deutsche Bank.

Due to Paul devotion, knowledge and expertise in financing field, Banyan Hill Publishing signed him to start this firm under the name of “Profits Unlimited” with an aim purpose of assisting working class individuals to learn something from the financial market by investing low amount.

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After signing with Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly suggests new insights to his users by writing a detailed newsletter that he then forward to his subscribers each month. As per the agreement, he is bound to help his followers to know the update and to know what is going on Wall Street these days.

A subscriber said that during more than three decades of dealing with Wall Street and the stock market, he never saw any advisor who is as expert as Paul. He added that Paul extensive experience, knowledge, expertise and skills about Wall Street and financing made him an ideal candidate for the advisory position and he had generated a huge profit by following Paul’s recommendations.

Read Paul Mampilly’s interview with Ideamensch for more information.



Who Is Chris Steven Villanueva?


Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a dentist and entrepreneur. He has founded the dental practice management company known as MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Villaneuva serves as the chief executive officer at MB2 Dental Solutions and also runs his own dental clinic that uses the model that his business, MB2 Dental integrates in to other practices.


MB2 Dental is a dental management company that provides both front and back support services to dentists. This includes services such as IT, marketing, billing and technology acquisition. Over 70 different offices are affiliated with MB2 Dental and the company employs over 500 people in 6 different states. The goal of MB2 is to let dentists focus on treating patients, by taking care of management, IT and other support services.


Highlights From Chris Steven Villaneuva’s Interview With Ideamensch


Ideamensch started the interview off by asking Dr. Villaneuva where he came up with the idea to start MB2 Dental. He responded by saying that when he completed dental school he had two choices in front of him. His first option was to join a group practice made up of several dentists. This would give him an easy way to begin practicing right away due to shared expenses and best practices. A group practice would also allow him access to the latest technology and expenses would be shared by all those involved. The second option he had when he finished dental school was to start his own dental practice. This would would give complete control and ownership but would cost much more initially and in the long term.


Realizing the two choices in front of him, Chris Steven Villaneuva thought he could combine the best of both worlds with a dental management company that he named MB2 Dental Solutions. It would allow dentists to maintain full control of their own practices, while still enjoying the benefits of collaboration, economies of scale and having access to technology and continuing education.


The next question Ideamensch posed to Dr. Villaneuva was how does he make his day more productive. Chris’ response was that he tries to surround himself with smart and talented people and then lets them do their job. As a CEO, Chris believes one should focus less on micromanaging and trying to control everything your employees do. Instead you should focus on setting out a vision and motivating people to achieve it. If you surround yourself with the right people you should have no problems.



When it comes to real estate business, rest assured of growth since it is a consistently, evolving field in the world of business. Although many real estate agents and investors have put their money in stylish, expensive ventures, not many believe in bettering the society through investing in its development. Omar Boraie, a businessman, and entrepreneur in real estate have made an additional investment towards growing the community. To Omar, real estate stretches beyond purchasing a beautiful home. He is a prominent real estate businessman who works round the clock to enhance the look of his community. Apart from real estate, Omar commits his time to philanthropy.

New Brunswick

According to NJBiz, Omar is the president of Boraie Development. Following his leadership skills and experience in real estate, Boraie Development transformed New Brunswick to a new orchard. When Omar took a trip to New Brunswick, the residents were elated as well as shocked at his commitment towards the project. The agenda of the project was to beautify the city by polishing the houses and building posh apartments as well as modern buildings.

New Brunswick

During the commencement of the project, most residents were in doubt following the intensity of work involved. However, Omar employed an experienced team to handle the project. Being a visionary man, Omar engaged his organization in building a new, modern New Brunswick. The result was a modern, beautiful town with happy people. Not only did Omar transform New Brunswick, but also other cities like Newark and Atlanta. http://patch.com/new-jersey/newbrunswick/omar-boraie-chair-genomic-science-established-rutgers-cancer-institute

Atlanta and Newark

Omar’s passion for urban development extended to Newark and Atlanta. Boraie Development LLC (view the company’s Bloomberg profile to learn more) committed their vision, capital, and reliability to two projects in Atlanta and Newark. Through Omar’s experience, the company has a proven track record of erecting modern buildings. This is what the management of Boraie Development did to beautify the two cities. Omar created projects towards ensuring smooth infrastructure in the towns. Towards this end, he partnered with Shaquille O’ Neal, who grew up in Newark, to beautify the buildings and build modern ones as well.

About Omar

Omar is the founder of Boraie Development. Since its inception, he has transformed over five cities through his passion in real estate. He made a name for himself in the real estate business through New Brunswick development.

Read more: https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick