In the car manufacturing industry, Gregory James Aziz is a well-known man. Greg Aziz is currently the Chief executive officer of the National Steel Car. Additionally, he is also the chairman. National Steel Car is among the businesses that make huge profit. The Canadian businessman was born in Ontario on April 30, 1949. Greg went to Ridley College and later went to Western University and studied economics. His family was wealthy, and it owned a wholesale business of importing and exporting fresh food called Affiliated Foods.


Immediately after Gregory J Aziz completed studies in 1971, he joined the company and helped it grow into a top fresh food importer and exporter. It was as a result of his hard work and discipline after heading the company for almost twenty years. James Aziz left the company business for banking in New York where he worked in late between 1980’s and early 1990’s and held different positions. The experience he gained from the family business and in banking was a very positive achievement for him.



Greg Aziz left the banking industry and bought the National Steel Car from Dofasco. James Aziz made changes to the company by supplying capital and human support combined with the company’s production capability to restore it to its former status. The Canadian company was not performing well, and James Aziz resolved to make it the top rail freight car manufacturing and engineering company in North America. Within five years, the company had increased its annual rail freight car production from 3,500 to 12,000. Additionally, the labor force in the company had risen from 600 to 3,000. Get More Information Here.


The efforts of Greg Aziz have been key for the growth that have been seen in company. He has engaged the company in a transformative route that will make the production capacity of the firm to continue on growing. Greg Aziz has applied his entrepreneurial skills as well as his economic studies to develop a company that will rule the manufacturing industry for years to come.



It’s the North America’s only ISO 9001:2008 certified rail freight car company and also the holder of TTX SECO quality award consistently award since 1996. Gregory J Aziz also gives back to the Hamilton community through sponsoring various projects like Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius and salvation army. He also sponsors the Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair together with his wife, Irene.


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Gregory Aziz is also known as Gregory James Aziz and was born in Hamilton, Ontario on 30th April 1949. He attended Ridley College and later went to Western University in London, Ontario where he majored in Economics. Greg Aziz is currently the chairman, president, and CEO of National Steel Car.


Greg Aziz joined their family business, Affiliated Foods after graduating from university. This company expanded for over 16 years to become a worldwide sensation in the exportation of fresh foods. Affiliated foods distributed their products in wholesale to fresh food markets in Eastern Canada and the United States of America.



In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Greg James Aziz worked in various banking investments in New York. While in these investments in 1994, he managed to orchestrate the buying of National Steel Car from its then owner Dofasco. Greg aimed to change this organization into a reputable world-class company. Over this period, National Steel Car has grown from producing 3500 freight cars to 12000 cars by 1999. Their human resource has also increased from 600 staffs to 3000 staff. This can be attributed to the fact that the company has endowed extensive capital and human resources, teamwork and exemplary engineering proficiency.


Today, National Steel Car is a leading multi-billion company in freight car production and engineering, railroad, and manufacturing companies. It is innovative and dynamic. It is market oriented and has invested a lot in customer satisfaction thus meeting the wants and even exceeding the ever-changing standards of freight and railroad transport. It is North Americas only freight and railroad manufacturer and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. All these successes can be attributed to the ever-ambitious Gregory J Aziz. His strategic and goal oriented mind set has seen National Steel Car company rising to where it stands today. Visit This Page for more information on Aziz and his company.


Gregory J Aziz is not only involved with the growth of National Steel Car’s growth, but also the growth of his community. He and his wife are donors to the Royal Agriculture winter fair. This fair is Canada’s agricultural fair. National Steel Car is also involved in charitable works. It donates to the Hamilton Opera, the united way, Theatre Aquarius, and Salvation Army among others. They also hold a Christmas party where most of their workers attend.



Greg Aziz is the current chairman and CEO of the National Industries Inc. Besides, he also works at the National Steel Car Limited as the company’s chairman and CEO.The company is one of the prominent manufacturers of railroad freight and tank car in North America. The Canadian based company has been involved in engineering and manufacturing for over a century.

Education and Early Career


Gregory J Aziz attended Ridley College and later University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a degree in economics. He then started working at his family’s business and then investment banking opportunities in America. In 1994, he purchased the National Steel Car and became the chairman and CEO, a position he has held since then.


Growth at the National Steel Car


Greg acquired this company with the aim of making it the most successful railroad freight car maker in North America. This success was to rely on the company’s strong engineering capacity and teamwork. Besides, extra-human and capital investments were to play an important role. As a result of employing this strategy, by 1999, the company’s average annual car production had increased from 3,500 units in 1994 to around 12,000 units. Furthermore, the number of workers increased from 600 to 3,000 in the same period.

National Steel Car’s Success Story


According to Greg Aziz, the success of this company has been driven by the people. Through the input from different people, the company has not only become more dynamic but also diverse and innovative. This has had a great impact in making the company grow and continue to dominate car manufacturing and engineering industry in North America and beyond.


The company has also been challenging itself by raising the bar to achieve success. One of the most significant secrets that has helped the company attain this is their capacity to focus their strength with efficiency not seen in many companies in the rail industry. Furthermore, many of their customers trust them for the high-quality products that they produce. In fact, the company is the only rail company in North America that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. See This Page for More Info.


The company works tirelessly and listens to its customers for decision making to be the most preferred railcar manufacturer in North America. This has enabled them to produce products that satisfy the needs of their customers. Gregory J Aziz believes that company’s growth has been driven by their loyal customers, the proper terms with suppliers, and the effort and commitment of its workers. The respect the company has on its tradition, the determination to achieve, and the desire to produce high-quality products has helped the company achieve its goals too.

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Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario in 1949, April the 30th. He joined Ridley College and obtained his first degree. He proceeded to major in the study of economics at the University of Western Ontario. His family was running a food wholesale business. Greg joined the firm in 1971. Through his input, the business grew into major and leading fresh fruits importer. They imported from Europe, Southern America, and Central America.

While in New York, James Aziz took part in many investments. In 1994, he decided to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco. This company was doing so poorly in business. Aziz had an intention of turning it into a leading railroad freight car developer.


Two years after the purchase, National Steel Car had gained its market recognition. The company had acquired the status of a leader in its line of manufacturing. Gregory J Aziz built a reliable and robust relationship with his customers and employees.

His leadership focused on producing quality parts within the timeline agreed upon with the client. Some of these parts include; Brake pipes, Handholds, fulcrum brackets, body bolsters, wheels and trucks.

National steel Car has over a century of excellence in manufacturing, engineering, and commitment to quality. The company has become a powerhouse in railroad freight and tank car manufacturer.

For this success, the group is diverse, dynamic, values-driven and innovative. Every day, the company wants to compete against itself. Focused and determined leadership heads the company.

Gregory J Aziz has raised the company’s bar of achievement from time to time. This has influenced employees to work harder than the yesterdays. Greg ensures that the company’s purpose and core values form their guidelines.

For this adherence, National Steel Car Company is trusted by its customers. More clients are comfortable to task the company with the role of manufacturing quality railcars. It is important to note that National Steel Car Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The company has been awarded TTX SECO severally for a period stretching beyond a decade.

Greg Aziz and his team believe in honoring their traditions. This gives them the urge to move forward with determination. Quality is part of the company, and excellent results cannot be assumed. Today, National Steel Car is a leader in new car innovation.

Away from manufacturing, the company is keen on giving back to the community. For example, the company champions Theatre Aquarius and United Way.

National Steel Cars also supports Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, and additional charity groups. The company offers financial assistance to present and past employees’ families.

Every Christmastime, the company organizes a party for its employees and their families. Due to favorable leadership style portrayed by Greg Aziz, the company is ahead of its competitors and likely to lead for many more years to come. Click Here for Related Information.

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Gregory Aziz is the CEO and President of National Steel Car which is one of the top best railroad freight, car manufacturing companies in the world. He is also the chairman of National Industries Inc. Born on April 30, 1949; James Aziz has been able to do a lot in his life which includes buying National Steel Car in 10994 from Dofasco.

Since then, he has been able to steer the car manufacturing company towards international success.



National Steel Car


When Gregory J Aziz took over the leadership of this company in 1994, his primary goal was to transform it into the best railroad freight car engineer in the entire North America. Mr. Aziz was able to organize and lead a strong team of professionals, and together, they were able to expand the company after years of hard work.


Under the leadership and guidance of Greg Aziz, the organization has done well.



North America’s top Best Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing Company


The company has had the rare honor of being the only railroad freight car manufacturing company in North America. In the world, it is ranked among the best of its kind. The organization has been honored many times by receiving the TTX SECO highest-quality award for the past 21 years.



Involvement in Charity Activities



James Aziz has also encouraged the car engineering company to participate in local charities in the Hamilton community. These activities include sponsoring the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius as well as the Salvation Army. They also hold a Christmas party every year to allow the employees and their families to interact and share during the festive season.


Aziz also sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the leading agricultural fair in Canada, together with his wife, Irene.


Creation of Employment Opportunities


When Gregory James Aziz bought the company, he was able to increase the number of employees from only 600 to approximately 3000 workers. As it grows and expands, he continues to provide more job opportunities for the people of Hamilton. Go Here To Learn More.


Creation of employment opportunities allows a society to develop and fully utilize their resources.


Gregory Aziz’s dedication and desire to achieve excellence has been one of the main reasons why National Steel Car has tremendously grown. For years, he has been able to exhibit his outstanding leadership ability that has led the company to become one of the leading railroad freight car, manufacturing and engineering companies that the world has seen.

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He has not been successful in the food industry, and the banking sector but also the car freight business. Greg Aziz is not an engineer instead he has a passion for the engineering sector to be specific the car development and manufacturing industry. Gregory was born in Ontario, London on April 30, 1949. After his graduation from High School, he decided to join Ridley College, and after his graduation, he proceeded to Western Ontario University where he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He began his career working in a family business which is a food processing company; Affiliated Foods. Greg worked with the firm for more than 16 years and the group to be a leader in the food industry delivering their services as well as products of fresh foods to Central and South America, and Europe. Read More On This Page.


Gregory J Aziz has also worked in the banking and the financial sector from late 1980’s to early 1990’s. During his time in the banking industry, he has presented an opportunity of purchasing Dofasco which he later changed the name to National Steel Car. Ever since he took the ownership often car group, National Steel Company has been experiencing spectacular growth. It is under his management that the firm became ISO Certified. Gregory James Aziz is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company which has their Headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. The expansion of the organization is seen in the number of cars they are manufacturing compared to what they used to do before he purchased. Greg has increased the number of employees in the factory from 600 to 3000, and the able team is now capable of manufacturing 120000 vehicles a year unlike before when they produced only 3500 per year.


The car firm has been in existence since 1912, and the new management has taken the organization to a whole new level. Greg has a positive leadership character, and together with his team, they have been putting customer value in the forefront of their business. Through his leadership, National Steel has been recognized on several occasions by them TTX Awards which the company received on several times. Greg is not only a car lover, food processor, and even a banker; he is also involved in the community activities as a philanthropist. Together with his wife Irene, the couple has been supporting various non-profit organizations among them; Salvation Army, United Way, Theater Aquarius and Hamilton Opera among others.



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