The water you drink and put in to your body as a direct effect on your health. Not all drinking waters are created equal, and in fact many drinking waters can actually be dangerous to your health, while others can really boost up the health of the human body with all of the natural minerals found in the water.


Some waters are alkaline, meaning they keep the body basic instead of acidic. The more basic the body, the less susceptible the body is to developing conditions like cancer. Other waters like tap water can contain chemical additives that can be harmful to human health, like fluoride and chlorine.


Some filtered waters, like the water found in the kitchen that is filtered through a plastic filtration system is not the same as the water that is filtered through volcanic sediments. Waiakea water is filtered through volcanic sediments meaning that it has the chance to pick up mineral sediments that are actually very healthy for human consumption. The sediments dissolved in the water include silica which is famous for giving the water it’s silky taste. Other dissolved minerals essential to human health include potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium.


The water coming from Waiakea spring takes very little time for it to get to it’s bottling source from it’s origin. This means that the water’s vintage is very young so the mineral taste in the water is there, but not extremely detectable in it’s taste. The water is therefore crisp and light tasting, and it doesn’t overwhelm the palate. This water is great for drinking on it’s own, or for consuming with any type of meal because it is so refreshing and balanced. Because the water spends so little time traveling from it’s origin to it’s bottling destination, it is also very low in unhealthy Nitrates. Nitrates are collected as the water moves through the soils and picks up these unhealthy additives that are existent in the earth due to human pollution. The low level of Nitrates in the water combined with it’s healthy mineral composition make it an ideal water for drinking every day.


In addition to this water being very healthy to consume, it is also bottled eco consciously using recycled bottles, and at a facility that that uses 1/3 renewable energy sources. The material used to make the bottles also uses 90% less carbon emissions than traditional plastic bottles and the bottles are BPA free.


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NFL betting is a lot like the NFL itself. When coaches are scouting the other team and looking at their strengths and weaknesses, they look for what they can exploit and what they can take advantage of when it comes to game day. The same is true for NFL bettors. They look at each and every game and every and every match up. They want to make sure nothing has been overlooked and nothing has passed them over. That is why they visit the best NFL betting website on the planet in This is a website that truly gets it and understands it.

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Dick DeVos is a prominent business man who works diligently and is committed to success. He attended Northwood University where he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Later on, DeVos went ahead to further his studies at the Harvard Business school as well as the Wharton School. However, he did not graduate in any of the two institutions. The businessman has also received various honorary doctorates. These honors are from Grove City College, Northwood University, and Central Michigan University. Additionally, Northwood University also recognized him as a distinguished alumnus.

DeVos started off at Amway Corporation where he held various positions. In 1984, he became the vice-president and was in charge of all operations of the company in eighteen countries spread throughout six different continents. His leadership led to the opening of new markets, hence increasing the sales to a record the company had never had before.

In 1991, when the DeVos family was part of a purchase involving a franchise of the National Basketball Association that belonged to Orlando Magic, Mr. Dick DeVos became the president of the new acquisition. He held this position three years. In 1993, he left the Orlando Magic Basketball team to be the president of Amway Corporation. His leadership led to the expansion of the business to over 50 countries in different continents.

In 2000, DeVos led a corporate restructuring that brought about Alticor. Alticor became the new parent company. Additionally, he also brought up subsidiary companies. Later on, Alticor had to undergo job cuts to increase the company’s profitability. DeVos’ business acumen was evident as he successfully guided the company through the restructuring. At least 400 of the workers who left were either early retirements or buyouts. This move saved Alticor from downsizing and incurring heavy losses. DeVos left Alticor in 2002 after giving the firm sale of $4.5 billion. He then became the president of the Windquest Group.

DeVos won the election to the Board of Education in Michigan in 1990. However, he resigned 2years into his term that was to last eight years. In 1993, together with his wife, DeVos became the co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund. The fund provides scholarships to the less fortunate children such as orphans and those from low-income families, giving them the chance to attend schools of their choice.

Additionally, the foundation that Dick and his wife co-chaired gave money to groups like American Education Reform Council, children first America as well as Choices for Children.


Customizing a Magnises membership can be quite a challenge, but it all depends on what a person wants. One person may be more intrigued to have a SportsPass on their membership card of Magnises because they like going out to sporting events and want to make sure that their seats will be great. Another person’s main focus may be getting to go into nightclubs that may have previously been hard to get into, so their ClubPass will help them do this. The HotelPass is something that should be obtained by someone who wants discounted hotel stays.

Anyone who wants the WorkPass is likely getting it because they want lower prices on their co-working space and other benefits as well. Having a Magnises membership can do so much for any person, especially for those who are always looking to have fun in New York City or other cities. New York City can have so many things going on in a single day, and it’s rare if a day passes when something fun isn’t happening in the city. Even those who like to go bowling, eat at restaurants, go to bars, or watch movies can use their Magnises membership for benefits.

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One of the most important things to get after purchasing a Magnises membership is the Magnises Concierge, which just needs to be downloaded to any smartphone. Similar to having a personal assistant, ask the concierge anything to get an answer. The concierge is so good that it can tell you what’s happening right now in the city, and other suggestions can be given to you about where you should go if you want to have fun. Make reservations right through the concierge as well as getting a lot of information about any kind of events.

Those with a Magnises membership will only have the tough choice of deciding what fun things they want to do with their membership card in tow. It can be a pain to carry around a lot of cards, so Magnises has made it easy for anyone to cut out the amount of cards they carry by adding their banking credentials to their Magnises card. Since the card is also personalized, only ID may be necessary in certain cases when the person chooses to show their Magnises card. Having a Magnises card can really make a lot of difference in the life of a young socialite.

Anyone who used to feel that it was necessary to be a VIP or a famous person to get invited to certain events will no longer feel this way because the Magnises card makes you a VIP on on Crunchbase. Discounts at bars as well as restaurants is available with the Magnises card. Getting into sold out concerts can also be possible when using the Magnises card. Go see a great Broadway show to brag about it later because you gained access with the use of your Magnises card. With the Magnises Black Card in tow, just about anything is possible when going out on the town.

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Andrew Wirth, known to many as Andy Wirth is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Holdings. He was appointed to this position in 2010, and he has worked hard to change the resorts and the communities around them. Andy with has a lot of expertise in the industry, and this is why his company has been so successful.

The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation popularly known as RASC recently announced that Andy Wirth will now serve the institution as the Chairman. The organization chose Andy Wirth due to his achievements as the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings. Andy is also the chairman of the famous Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority.

RASC is an organization that is responsible for promoting the air service in the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The institution is also in charge of identifying the new prospects for any additional flights. The board at RASC comprises of the local hotel-casino properties and the tourism entities such as the North Lake Tahoe, Reno, and South Lake Tahoe.

In a recent interview, Andy Wirth said that he was excited and honored to work with the Regional Air Service Corporation. Andy believes that the landscape and future of the region and that if the greater Reno-Sparks are is replete with opportunities. The CEO of Squaw Valley says that the air service in the area is one of the most important elements of the thriving and growing economy in the country.

Andy Wirth has played a crucial role in the development of airports and essential air services for the main resorts and the communities in Quebec and Colorado. In the recent past, Andy played a crucial role in establishing the air service in the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and many other projects.

Andy has faced several challenges in the past. He was once involved in an accident when playing with his friends. He almost lost his arm during the accident. Fortunately, he was rescued in time and was able to recover. He founded a charitable organization to help players who are involved in serious accidents like him. The group is known as Wounded Worriers and it has helped very many people since it was started.

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When there is a need for huge pride in their people, Securus Technologies has experienced this in recent months. Their employees have received the BICSI Installer 1 Certification that is given by the BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, a well-known member of their own industry. Securus Technologies has received the certificates for 11 of its specialists, which is a huge accomplishment. Securus Technologies and BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International will continue to work together to increase both of their standings in their fields.


Securus Technologies


For the good of the public safety, Securus Technologies is the leader in the field. They are constantly assisting with the monitoring of one million prisoners in the North American areas. Securus Technologies is also known for how it deals with the justice field in both civil and criminal ways. When Securus Technologies is heading into the future, there will be many more impacts that they will create for the positive outcome of the people.


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is constantly creating new ways to assist with certifications and training procedures. With BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International operating in 100 countries, they keep the information and communication technology field moving into the future. When BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International makes commitments to their clients, they proceed with completing their mission to the very highest standards.


Securus Technologies is in full swing with creating even more of presence in their field. They have the ability to create the very necessary public safety technologies that give North America what it needs. With ultimate in confidence, Securus Technologies is producing even newer equipment for the future of safety. The efforts of Securus Technologies are noticeable as they are given even more respect for what they do. Securus Technologies has the confidence that is needed to move further into the future with an alarming amount of successes.


Danilo Diaz Granados is an enthusiastic entrepreneur geared with internal motivation to take the world by its roots. Danilo holds a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and economics from Babson College an academic field he desired to pursue since he was a kid. With his ultimate dreams of becoming a world-renowned entrepreneur, Danilo has walked through different stages to achieve the success he currently has as a progressing entrepreneur. He is a dedicated man, a trait that has enabled him to scale varying levels of challenges to coming up with his companies.

Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados started as an investment advisor in a small sized organization conducting entrepreneurial activities in Miami, Florida. With the relevant knowledge in the investment field, Danilo joined firemen capital partners as investment advisor working on equity issues and later became the major liaison of the wing dealing with equity program. His commitment has been recognized by various financial groups making him be awarded different rewards for his good investments advisory job. While still working in firemen capital partners, Danilo has headed many research projects on continuing and emerging issues that affect businesses and after drawing his analysis, calls other private investors and advice them accordingly. During his tenure, CrunchBase shows that as a firemen capital partner he has recorded impressive financial gains and expects more from Danilo’s continued dedication to the company.

After thorough entrepreneurial research on market niches, Danilo opened “Toy for Boys” company offering a range of toys to keep youngsters busy and happy. This was a great move since very few investors would think of such a business in the city. The company produces toys and other track games which recently has gained popularity all over the world. With Danilo Diaz Granados being the manager of the company resources, maximum output from minimum inputs is produced making the business to be among other businesses recording significant profits. The company engages members of the society and encourages residents to plan for some time with their kids. This has proven to be the best idea.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a role model to many and a spirited entrepreneur who does not know of defeat. He is energetic and more is expected from him as he advances to be the world’s most successive entrepreneur.  Check him out on Twitter, to learn more from this boutique entrepreneur.

The New Establishment Summit of 2016 will be held October 19th and 20th in San Francisco. It will feature a number of well-known speakers; among them the CEO of Amazon and the Vice President of Apple. Additionally, billionaire Kyle Bass has been added to the Summit in a controversial move that has many financiers keenly focusing on the event.

Kyle Bass is perhaps best known for his 2008 short-sell of sub-prime loans on Wall Street. Bass saw that the American housing market was headed for a dive that would undercut the prime investment banks of the area, so he made his financial wagers accordingly. In the end, Bass made a fortune and gained instant international media recognition.

But Kyle Bass is a desperate gambler, and has a number of skeletons in his closet. Some of them he’s trying to play off as natural residents, perhaps; like CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD is a scam that Bass regularly exercises publicly. It involves tricking the sick into getting lawsuits filed and petitions put into action against big-ticket pharmaceutical companies. The net result is a loss in stock value for the pharmaceuticals. When the stock drop hits, Bass is quick to short-sell his holdings with those companies, making a fortune. Meanwhile, the companies are forced to cut funding to departments who can’t regularly demonstrate ROI. One department that struggles in quantifiably consistent Return On Investment is Research and Development. As a result, it is often cut when budgetary concerns begin directing a pharmaceutical organization, and the final result is that the sick are in many ways worse off than they had been previously: at least then new cures were on the horizon.

In addition to CAD, there’s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. No, the skeleton reference isn’t a crack at her physique; but it is a crack at her poor financial leadership of Argentina, whom she has economically defaulted twice in just thirteen years. Yet Kyle Bass continuously supports the decisions of this socialistic despot.

Considering CAD and de Kirchner, billionaire Kyle Bass’ presence at the New Establishment Summit of 2016 silhouettes an alarming financial perspective among the elite.

Sam Tabar previously worked for several distinguished financial and legal firms including Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP; Bank of America Merrill Lynch; SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors; and Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Florn LLP. He also began his career by earning a law degree from the distinguished Columbia Law School.

Sam Tabar has been well known for his work in the financial sphere with a focus on environmental and social issues. A great example of this was his work with SheThinx, which was a company that was working towards empowering women through their feminine hygiene product use. Tabar was one of the first investors in this company and his work as a consultant on various operations make him a perfect fit for taking this large role at Full Cycle Energy Fund.

Full Cycle Energy Fund is a company that seeks to provide the most dynamic options for using energy sustainability through power generation plants that convert traditional fuel to MSW based syngas as well as improving waste to energy technology. In fact, in order to improve waste to energy technology, Full Cycle Energy Fund created their own OLGA design that was awarded a patent. The environmental impact of every technology is carefully weighed by Full Cycle Energy to ensure that the impact is reasonable. This is where Sam Tabar will play a vital role within the company due in part to his expertise in the finance and legal world, but also due to his passion for programs that offer social and environmental benefits to the world.

The other valued team members of the Full Cycle Energy Fund in addition to Sam Tabar include Ibrahaim AlHusseini, who is the General Partner, and Elizabeth Cooper, who works as a Senior Advisor. Piedmont Fund Services, Inc. provides full legal and financial administrative services along with BDO USA, LLP; Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP; and Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP.  Follow along with his journey on Sam’s official site.