After Ian King joined the Banyan Hill editorial team as their resident expert on cryptocurrencies, Jeff Yastine interviewed King to learn about his qualifications.

At one point in the interview, King made an important distinction between cryptcoins and crypto assets. Any asset created by the blockchain technology could be called a crypto asset, and cryptocoins are just the most prominent example of crypto assets. As time goes on, the blockchain will become more important and widely used, and there will be many forms of crypto assets. That’s why it is so big and important. The coins are just the first iteration. There will be many more.

One example of a crypto asset is Filecoin. That allows investors to share computer storage space over its blockchain. It raised over $200 million. Another important example is IOTA. That crypto asset allows items connected to the Internet of Things to make value exchanges. Your car will be able to automatically keep time on a parking meter. Your refrigerator will order groceries from a supermarket when you get low on certain items. Read more on this link:

In the interview Ian King acknowledges bitcoin reached an important tipping point in public awareness in 2017. And there’s no doubt the prices for bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies went crazy, especially in November and December. However, the flow of money from institutions and hedge fund investors is just beginning. And the average person still has not invested in a cryptocurrency. The boom may become a bubble like dot com stocks did, but it is still a long way from being over.

Jeff Yastine announces Banyan Hill is putting together a crypto asset trading service under King’s direction, which will be available later in 2018. In the meantime, he asks King for tips readers can use to make money from cryptocoins. King says he has three things he looks for in a crypto asset to determine whether or not it is tradeable. That is, whether or not it’s worth buying.

The first question he asks is whether the asset solves a real-world problem. Secondly, what is the supply schedule for the asset? 80% of all bitcoin that will ever be issued already has been. That limits the supply, which will help to keep up demand in the future. However, some cryptocoins are not so limited. Their supply may be diluted in the future.

And lastly, King asks whether the technical points favor the trade.

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Many people in this day and age both men and women alike, have become crazed with plastic surgery. Some do it because they want to enhance their physical features either for fame or to just deal with their self-esteem issues. In this case, the procedure gets referred to as aesthetic or cosmetic surgery. Others may be forced to do it to reconstruct a part of their body which may be abnormal either due to some congenital disabilities or which may have got damaged in accidents. In such a case, the procedure is known as reconstructive surgery.

Plastic surgery, therefore, requires well-trained and certified specialists, with several years of extensive work experience. Dr. Mark Mofid, M.D FACS, is one such individual. As a plastic surgeon with his private practice, operating in the areas of La Jolla and San Diego in California, United States, Dr. Mark Mofid has two board certifications, one from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the other from the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is well known for his skills in breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction and gluteal/buttock augmentation, facial injury repair, microsurgery, among many others. Dr. Mofid focusses on customizing these procedures to fulfill his patients’ wishes while at the same time naturalizing the outcome as much as possible.

Dr. Mark Mofid got his skills and knowledge from some of the best institutions, one of them is Harvard University, where he attained an undergraduate degree magna cum laude. He then attended The John Hopkins University where he got trained in plastic and general surgery and completed his fellowship in advance craniofacial research. Aside from his work at the hospitals in San Diego and La Jolla, Dr. Mofid also puts in time in other medical facilities such as Scripps Memorial Hospital and Palomar Medical Centre.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s work is recognized and highly respected by many medical professionals in the same field. He has written many publications on the topics of breast augmentation, facial surgery and gluteal augmentation, a delicate procedure for which his insight gets sought by many including other plastic surgeons. Dr. Mofid also lectures classes on plastic surgery at the University of California.

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Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian businessman who had developed the famous Manaira Shopping Mall and the Mangabeira Shopping mall located right next to the beautiful coastlines of Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil. Roberto Santiago was born on July 16, 1958 in Joao Pessoa, where he spent most of his childhood. After he attended the Pio X-Marist College, Santiago went on to graduate from the University Center of Joao Pessoa and earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Shortly after graduating, Roberto Santiago would soon dream up of developing a lively center for his hometown to build up the economy and create the perfect entertainment for everyone in his community. As he became more invested in real estate and felt positive that his dream would become a success, he purchased a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa. The start of the construction for his first project, the Manaira Shopping mall took place in 1987.


After nearly two years had passed, the construction of the Manaira Shopping mall was finally completed and ready for business on November 11, 1989. The Manaira quickly became one of Brazil’s largest shopping centers in Paraiba. The base of the entire mall’s building area currently measures 135,000 square meters and it houses 11 full state-of-the-art movie theaters including two that are capable of interactive 3D features. The Manaira Shopping’s parking lot has a space that can fit a total of 3,180 vehicles. Inside the gorgeously built shopping center are many amenities that include: game stations, an electric bowling alley with bar, children’s park, a full gym and the College of Higher Education of Paraiba.


One of Manaira’s most popular is their large gourmet food court that houses the local’s favorite, the Capital Steak House. The Manaira food court offers everything from around the world, patrons can get purchase Canadian salmon, Chinese cuisine, exotic dishes from Uruguay, Italian coffee, pastries and many other gourmet dishes. The Domus Hall is located on the roof of the Manaira Shopping center and it is a fully air-conditioned concert hall that has the capacity to hold up to 8,000 people. The concert hall is occasionally a venue for other events such as art exhibitions, fairs, theatrical performances and receptions. Roberto Santiago is always open for expansion at his shopping centers. He focuses on what is trending in Brazil and its surrounding areas, so that he can keep his shopping centers up-to-date and always ahead of the game.

Some people have been comparing Bitcoin to gold. Of course, they are very different things. However, cryptocurrency expert Ian King says that Bitcoin is a worthwhile investment and that it is similar to gold in a variety of ways. First of all, he says, there is a limited amount of Bitcoin that can be brought into the world through the process known as mining. Once that level is reached, no more Bitcoins can be mined. As the world is advancing ever so more towards a global digital currency, it is imperative that you get your hands on some Bitcoin now before you are no longer able to. Learn more on crunchbase  about Ian King

It is true that the price of Bitcoin fluctuates a lot more than gold does. However, the truth is that it is safer now to invest in Bitcoin than it used to be. The percentages in price have gone down when it comes to Bitcoin fluctuations over the years. It fluctuates only around five percent each day, and it gets less and less as time goes by. It used to fluctuate a lot more two years ago.

There are some who have raised concerns regarding the hard fork issue. The hard fork allows the creation of a new cryptocurrency out of thin air. That is how Bitcoin Cash got created. Some people are afraid that if a hard fork occurs, people will stop using Bitcoin and will start using the new cryptocurrency. However, as we have seen with Bitcoin Cash, that has not happened and it is not something to be afraid of. Yes, people started using Bitcoin Cash, but after a few weeks, it was clear that most people did not abandon Bitcoin in favor of Bitcoin Cash. View more on Ian King at Stock Twits for more updates.

In short, says Ian King, as the markets become less reliable and there is more uncertainty, it is time for you to invest in some Bitcoin. It is getting more and more stable. There is less and less of a risk involved in actually investing in Bitcoin. Make sure you store some today.

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The career of Malcolm Casselle has taken him to some of the world’s leading technology and investment companies where he has taken the chance to become one of the world’s leading experts in the Online retail and social media platforms. The latest development in the technology field from Malcolm Casselle combines his love of both video gaming and financial investments; the Worldwide Asset eXchange has been created to become the premier marketplace for the sale and trading of physical and digital items.

Better known as WAX, this company under the leadership of Malcolm Casselle hopes its unique take on creating a secure and efficient trading platform will make it the top trading platform for all users of digital media. Casselle will introduce a range of new options and ideas for securing Online payments for collectibles and video game purchases made by gamers who will be given a safe and secure payment method using cryptocurrency options as well as more traditional payments.

Educated at MIT and Stanford, Malcolm Casselle made his name early in his career when he correctly identified the social media boom of the early 21st-century as one of the most important trends of the coming decades. Casselle himself made a range of impressive investments in the early days of the growth of the Internet when he identified Facebook and Zynga as some of the most impressive platforms for the future.

The changing face of social media and Online content has become the main source of interest for Malcolm Casselle including the 2012 investment he made in Timeline Labs as the need for greater control of social media content was identified as a leading industrial sector for the future. Under the leadership of Malcolm Casselle. Timeline Labs continued to develop software capable of tracking social media posts and monitoring the relative success or failure of Online content created and delivered by various companies with a major social media presence, and

This is an article about Samuel Strauch, a real estate agent in the great city of Miami, Florida. This name has heard all over the Internet. He is the principal at Metrik Real Estate. He started a company called Metrik Holdings.

When asked about his vision of this company, he said that it actually happened because it was at a convergence point of different paths. He once said, “We believe that in order to be successful you have to always think win-win!” His company can be found on two social media sites, LinkedIn and Facebook as well as its own website. Samuel Strauch went to three different colleges: Harvard University with a BA in Executive Education in Real Estate & Capital Markets, Erasmus University Rotterdam with a BA in International Finance/Marketing, and Hofstra University with a BA in International Business (1991-1994).

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Samuel Strauch was also in many recent news in all of the world. Outside his work, he has a hobby of being a photographer. His habit is meditation. Samuel Strauch creates a positive work environment for his employees by having them examine the current trends to keep up with the changing world and run a very successful company.

The new year is finally here and the start of 2018 will display many new options for cancer research. If you go online, there are numerous websites that display a large amount of cancer-related information. Of course, this is great news for those who are interested, but the information is scattered across a wide playing field. This is where WebMD comes into the picture. WebMD is known for offering some of the best updated, health-related material on the Internet. By teaming-up with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, this duo will provide some of the best solutions for people who have interest in this exclusive line of work, and what CTCA knows.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMD are revolutionizing the game in a sense. This platform of cancer-related material is free to the public, and it can be accessed at any time of the day. Navigating the cancer experience has never been so easy thanks to the platform’s user-friendly display. Whether it’s information on chemotherapy, pain management, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy or caregiver support, it can all be found here. You shouldn’t have to surf the web through multiple websites, which can be a headache. All of the information will be displayed front and center with this partnership. Whatever topic your mouse clicks on will display current and accurate information. There are also informative, short videos that can be viewed.

Since 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been providing some of the best personalized, patient-centered care. The organization has a resume of success, and it has helped to save millions of lives. Some of its prominent hospitals are located across the United States in Chicago, in Phoenix, in Philadelphia, in Tulsa and in Atlanta. Coordinated care and precision-cancer treatments is the epitome of the prestigious Cancer Treatment Centers of America and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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Daniel Taub, former ambassador for Israel to the United Kingdom, has had a notable career in writing, public relations, and international law. Daniel was born and raised in the United Kingdom, where he attended the secondary school at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. He later studied at the University College, Oxford for a Bachelor’s degree in Literature in 1983, the Chancery Lane School of Law for his United Kingdom Lawyers Certification in 1985, the University College, London for a Masters’ Degree in Law in 1989, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government for a Masters’ Degree in Public Policy in 2002.


Daniel Taub served in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic and as a Reserve Officer in the International Law Division of the Israeli Defense Forces. He served as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 until 2015, where he placed a great deal of emphasis on uniting the people of Israel and Palestine and bringing the middle east into the future. Daniel is currently Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv foundation, whose goal is to further the peaceful development of democracy and Israeli ideals and equality for all inhabitants of Israel. Mr. Taub wrote Parasha Diplomatit and provides humorous commentary on Torah readings. Mr. Taub also writes articles that appear in several major online newspapers, including The Huffington Post and The Guardian, in addition to the script for HeChatzer, a popular drama series. He lives in the Jerusalem area and is happily married with six children.


Quite notably, in 2014 Daniel Taub defiantly entered Bradford, West Yorkshire, England despite the declaration by xenophobic then-Member of Parliament George Galloway that it was to be a “Israel free zone”. Galloway even warned against Israeli tourists, scholars and others visiting the city, as they were “unwanted and unwelcome”. Galloway has notably been xenophobic and branded as a racist, even refusing to debate an Israeli student representative in 2013, stating he “does not debate with Israelis” and walked out of the building.


With increased security measures, Mr. Daniel Taub bravely delivered a speech to the people of Bradford who invited him, thanking them for showing him “the real voice of Bradford and Yorkshire”. He emphasized the need for inclusiveness the people of Bradford showed in order to bring peace. He continued his visit to the borough by talking with several groups, including councilors and religious leaders. Learn more:





There are many around the world who want to start investing more money each month. Investing is a great way to reach your financial goals. Brazil is a growing country that offers many opportunities in this area.

One of the best industries to invest in is banking. Igor Cornelsen is an expert in the banking industry in Brazil. With all of his experience, he is a great person to learn from.

Find Investments

Finding investments is not easy in Brazil. With the volatile economy, there are many stocks that fluctuate wildly throughout the day. Igor Cornelsen recommends spending a lot of time finding the right investments before putting money into the market.

The good thing about the banking industry is that the companies are generally stable. Over time, this presents a great investment opportunity for investors. Investors should look for companies that have a strong balance sheet and a lot of room for growth.




As an investor, it is vital to understand the role that volatility plays in the market. There are many people who are nervous about losing money on a wild day of trading. The best strategy for investing success is to buy and hold investments for a long period of time.

This is a strategy that has been proven many times in the market. Instead of buying and selling based on emotion, investors can learn how to pick investments and hold them for future gains.


In the years ahead, many investing experts believe that Brazil is going to keep growing at a rapid pace. Igor Cornelsen is excited about all of the investing opportunities today. He likes to give advice to people who are just starting out in their investing journey.

His best advice is to do conduct thorough research and stay the course when the market drops.

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A few weeks ago, Ted Bauman did an article on how investors can take advantage of the recent tax cuts and make money in the forex markets. The article begins with an account of his experience in South Africa where he lived for a number of years helping people have access to decent affordable housing. Considering the magnitude of the United States economy the dollar is quite strong when compared to the South African Rand. Realizing this, Mr. Bauman moved in with speed and bought an asset which has and continues to pay off handsomely. Read more on about Ted Bauman.

This is the model that Ted is advising his readers to adopt as the recent tax cuts by the House of Representatives provided a real opportunity for the same. In order to understand the real opportunity here, he explained that a strong dollar if of benefit to the US consumers when they travel abroad to countries whose currency is weaker when compared to the United States dollar, and this is the reason they find almost everything and anything to be relatively cheaper and affordable.

However, the situation is not rosy for the manufacturers based in the United States since strong dollar means that their products seem quite expensive and sometimes out of reach for consumers from countries whose currency is weaker when compared to the United States dollar.

On the flipside, products made in countries with a weaker currency when compared to the United States dollar find it easier to penetrate the American market since they are relatively cheaper in the eyes of the consumers.

Business analysts have already predicted that the recent tax cuts will lead to a $1.5 trillion federal deficit which will, in turn, weaken the United States dollar. This there means that it is the right time to buy foreign assets like Ted priced in currencies that are weaker than the United States dollar. When the United States Dollar starts losing as it already has, the value of the foreign asset will be increasing since the price of the asset in foreign currency will be higher when compared to the prevailing United States dollar amount then.

Who is Ted Bauman?

Ted Bauman is a seasoned financial guru specializing in low-risk investment, asset protection and emerging privacy matters. His aim is to help everyday people become wealthy and lead a truly dignified life. He is the editor of the Bauman Letter and an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing.

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